Twins let lawyer, coach speak their lines


Because Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen of ABC's "Full House" are 6 years old, and have the third-highest Q rating on TV, and because their recent Sunday TV movie did a whopping 28 share even though it was up against CBS's "60 Minutes." . . . Because of all these things, and because the twins' mother is concerned with "the normalcy factor," talking to the twins on the phone was a challenge.

First we talked to the PR person for the twins' first record ("Brother for Sale," 12 playful and humorous songs, available on CD and cassette). The PR person told us to submit a list of questions.

We considered "Do you favor the death penalty for serial killers?" and "Do you foresee an eating disorder in your future?" We reconsidered.

"What's your favorite food?" we asked.

"Chili fries," said Ashley (three minutes older, more emotional).

"Tacos," said Mary-Kate (quieter, gets the serious scenes).

Both hate brussels sprouts.

"Can you read?"

"No," they said.

"Yes," said their acting coach, who has been with them since they got into show business, at 9 months. "You can read. You've read nine books."

Two days a week, the twins go to a private school somewhere in Los Angeles. Their lawyer wouldn't say where. "Lotta craziness out there."

The twins enjoy their 3-year-old sister, Elizabeth, but brother Trent, 8, arouses mixed feelings.

So does Macaulay Culkin. "Macaulay Culkin is pretty cute," we ventured.

Mary-Kate: "No."

The twins' handlers hastened to explain this unscripted response.

The acting coach: "They're afraid Macaulay might hit them with a brick or knock them down the stairs, the way he did in 'Home Alone.' "

The lawyer thinks the twins are on the cusp of greatness. "I know it's only a very short time until you'll see them on-screen in a very big way. . . . I guess maybe a tidbit is that right after their next interview, I'm leaving to talk to Lorimar and Warner Bros. about their future."

What do they want?

The lawyer wants to "look to their long-term career opportunities, while at the same time maximizing their economic and career potential now."

Mary-Kate wants a horse like she rode in "Grandmother's House." Ashley wants to "mess up my room and jump on my bed and go crazy."

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