Coaching milestones: Albright hits high 400, Bogle nears low 300


As we start the winter sports season, there are a lot of questions without answers.

If you have been pondering a few questions or have any answers or comments, give me a call on the 24-Hour Sportsline, (410) 647-2499.

Let's start with boys basketball.

* Does North County coach Brad Wilson have the easiest job of all this season in that he only has to win one game to show improvement over last season?

And do you realize that Wilson only has to win five games for the best record in school history (was 4-18 in school's inaugural season in 1990-91)?

* With Southern's Tom Albright collecting his 400th win Friday, are you wondering how many wins he has averaged per season and who has the highest average?

The four winningest coaches in county history by season average are: John Brady, Annapolis (318-54), 15 years, 21.2-win average; Albright, Southern (399-221), 27 years, 14.8; Butch Young, Meade, Severna Park and Brooklyn Park, (372-197), 27 years, 13.8; and the late Dick Hart, Andover (330-294), 30 years, 11.0.

Do you realize that if Brady stays around for 30 years and averages 20 wins a season, he would have 618 wins?

And if you think that is something, how about DeMatha's Morgan Wootten starting his 37th year with 990 wins?

* Glen Burnie coach Terry Bogle says he has "the most talent we've ever had here" in his 25 years, but will it be good enough to lose fewer than six games to keep Bogle (230-294) from becoming the first county coach to reach the 300-loss mark?

Do you think it might be tougher to reach 300 losses than 300 wins? How many guys would stay around long enough to lose 300?

Despite closing in on 300 losses, doesn't that show Bogle's dedication and love of coaching kids because in all fairness, his coaching can't be blamed for the number. He knows the game, works hard and cares about his kids.

It's just that he has not been blessed with a lot of great talent.

* Has there ever been a Severn basketball team like this season's with seniors Brad Fowler, Jake Mack and Chris Pitkin that could very well compete in the county public school league?

Will this 1992-93 Severn team of coach Jim Doyle go down as the greatest in Admirals history?

* Did you know that Gerald Moore's top assistant at Arundel is Randy Fewell, who played at West Texas State with NBA star Maurice Cheeks?

* How many of you caught last year's Player of the Year, Rob Wooster of Annapolis, now playing for St. Francis, Pa., on the ESPN highlights this week?

Wooster and teammates got hammered by Pitt (by 30 points) and you might have noticed that Wooster was wearing goggles. It seems a teammate sucker-punched him in the dorm and broke a bone under one of his eye sockets.

* Did you know that another All-County player from Annapolis 6-foot-10 Teddy Cottrell ('89 grad) is on the UMass team this season after prep school and being redshirted?

* On the girls' side of the court, isn't it too bad for Annapolis coach Teresa Ross that only 38 girls tried out this season after 60 came out the year before because, Ross said, "a lot of girls didn't come out because they heard we run a lot in practice"?

* Isn't Old Mill coach Pat Chance in the most unenviable position of any county coach in terms of the final score?

Consider that Chance is in a no-win situation in that if she leaves in her starters for them to earn stats comparable to the county leaders, many of the Patriots' scores would be outrageous.

So, she clears the bench where she has a host of outstanding reserves and they still pile up the points. Depriving the seniors of their playing time to keep a score down is not fair to them and neither is it fair to tell the subs not to take shots.

Chance is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.

As great team as Old Mill has, is it realistic to think that it can win a third straight Class 4A championship with Baltimore's Western, ranked No. 1 by The Baltimore Sun, in the state playoff picture for the first time?

* Have you local girls basketball junkies heard that Spalding coach Paul Leimkuhler has landed Western for his school's prestigious Noel Classic during the holidays?

Old Mill won't be in the Noel Classic and instead is playing in a Prince George's County tournament, but Broadneck, Northeast and St. Mary's will join host Spalding as local schools.

* Finally, how about this from Broadneck girls and AAU coach Bruce Springer? He said: "Playing in the summer and year round is the key to success in girls high school basketball."

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