Unemployment dips in Carroll to 5% in Oct.

Carroll County's unemployment rate dropped from 5.7

percent to 5.0 percent in October, the largest decrease in the Baltimore metropolitan area.


Statewide, the unemployment rate fell from 6.7 percent to a low this year of 6.4 percent.

Unemployment in Carroll County was 4.9 percent in October 1991, while the state rate was 5.7 percent.


"This is really good news," said Marco K. Merrick, a public information officer for the state Department of Economic and Employment Development.

A drop in unemployment is normal from September to October. However, during the recent recession, the unemployment rate has grown in those two months, Mr. Merrick said.

DTC "Perhaps the economy is slowly getting better," he said. "Consumer confidence is really important this time of year. Perhaps it will boost retail sales and all the other related industries as well."

In Carroll County, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits dropped from 3,667 to 3,210 in October. The number of people working dropped from 60,592 to 60,352, but the civilian labor force fell from 64,259 to 63,572 people as well.

The civilian labor force is the number of people working plus those who are receiving unemployment benefits or are actively looking for work, Mr. Merrick said.

"There are lots of variables why we see a drop in the labor force," he said.

"A lot of them are students who had jobs during the summer and returned to their education during September and October.

"Some of the others are layoffs of older people who choose to retire and don't pursue a new job."


Nationwide, the unemployment rate dropped from 7.2 percent to 6.8 percent in October.