Arlington Baptist Eagles

9- 1991-92 record: 10-17. Coach: Dan Mangum.

Top players: Leonard Morgan, 5-11, Jr., F; Jake Butler, 6-2, So., F; Jarette Watson, 5-8, So., G; Alan Wicks, 5-9, So., G.

Outlook: A year's experience last season helped this young team. The Eagles will pester opponents with speed, quickness and defensive pressure. Their big gun, Butler, returns. He averaged 17.0 points and 8.0 rebounds last season. They'll be hurt by a lack of height.

Beth Tfiloh Panthers

9- 1991-92 record: 14-15. Coach: Sam Perlin.

Top players: David Lowenstein, 6-1, Sr., F; Avi Benus, 5-4, Jr., G; Adam Klaff, 5-9, Jr., G; Michael Bunich, 6-0, Jr., F.

Outlook: The Warriors lost only one starter. They are quick, have good shooters in Klaff and Bunich, a transfer. Perlin said a lack of size and depth concern him. Lowenstein should be a force inside.

Calvert Hall Cardinals

8, 1991-92 record: 15-13. Coach: Joe Baker.

Top players: Chris Wilson, 6-6, Sr., C; Greg Metrinko, 5-10, Sr., G; Jeremy Baker, 5-9, Sr., G; Brian Matz, 6-2, Sr., F.

Outlook: With four starters returning and an influx of good talent, Calvert Hall should make some waves in the Catholic League. Wilson and Baker should lead a team that is a contender and could go all the way.

Catonsville Comets

8, 1991-92 record: 24-2. Coach: Art Gamzon.

Top players: James Lewis, 6-2, Sr., F; Printice McNair, 6-2, Sr., F; Mike Barrett, 6-3, Sr., G; Mike Liggins, 6-0, Sr., G.

Outlook: The Comets, who topped Potomac in a thrilling state final in March, lost six of their top eight players but plenty of talent remains. Lewis, who averaged 16.0 points and 13.0 rebounds, should pace the inside game. McNair, a Lake Clifton transfer, and F Matt Taylor will help inside. G Dave Clampett provides outside shooting.

Chesapeake Bayhawks

9- 1991-92 record: 10-9. Coach: Steve Cohen.

Top players: Derek Winder, 5-10, Sr., G; Lamar King, 6-4, Jr., C; Jermaine Johnson, 6-4, Jr., F; Teron Hinton, 6-3, Sr., F.

Outlook: The Bayhawks will feature plenty of size and experience, led by King and Johnson. The two football stars should spend plenty of time posting up and grabbing rebounds. The Bayhawks are much more team-oriented, but lack depth.

Dulaney Lions

:. 1991-92 record: 19-5. Coach: Glenn Snyder.

Top players: Chris Manfuso, 5-9, Jr., G; Elliott Smalls, 6-2, Jr., F; Ed Lipski, 6-2, Sr., F; Eric Gonzales, 6-3, Jr., F.

Outlook: The Lions lost the first nine players from last year's playoff team. They lack experience, height and proven talent. Those who were on the varsity last year played little.

Dundalk Owls

9- 1991-92 record: 9-11. Coach: Andrew Pons.

Top players: John Satterfield, 6-2, Sr., F; Mario Smith, 6-2, So., G; Travis Thorton, 6-2, Jr., G.

Outlook: New coach Pons takes over a crew of good but inexperienced athletes. Only two seniors will be on the team. Satterfield (23.0 points) should carry the load.

EVT Mavericks

9- 1991-92 record: 5-14. Coach: Joel Bailey.

Top players: Wardell Selby, 6-2, Jr., C; Nick Wilson, 5-11, Sr., G; Ira McCullough, 6-0, Jr., F; Tom McNair, 5-9, Sr., G.

Outlook: The Mavericks have quickness and speed and will run whenever possible. They'll need to force turnovers for easy baskets. They are very young and very small and rebounding will be a struggle.

Franklin Indians

;/ 1991-92 record: 7-15. Coach: Mike Squirrel.

Top players: William Collins, 6-1, Sr., G; Johnny Davis, 5-6, So., G; Mike Flynn, 6-3, Sr., F; Joey Longmire, 6-2, Sr., F.

Outlook: The Indians are loaded with youth and inexperience, having lost four starters from last year. A strong outside shooter, especially from three-point territory, Collins will carry much of the load this year.

Hereford Bulls

:. 1991-92 record: 12-10. Coach: Steve Power.

Top players: Jamey Mathews, 6-7, Sr., C; Dewayne Fowble, 6-5, Sr., F; Mike Bailey, 6-5, Jr., G; Mike Shive, 5-9, Sr., G.

Outlook: Three starters come back for the Bulls, led by Mathews, the top returning vote-getter on the All-County team. The Bulls open with good height and strong shooting and backcourt play. Depth is a problem.

Kenwood Bluebirds

7+ 1991-92 record: 2-18. Coach: Ric Evans.

Top players: Joe Gray, 6-3, Sr., F; Dee Robinson, 6-3, Sr., F; Joe Cofield, 5-8, Sr., G; Fred Anders, 6-1, Sr., G.

Outlook: The Bluebirds should do much better this year. Three starters return and Robinson comes from Perry Hall. Kenwood has lots of speed and quickness and will play tough man-to-man defense. Cofield led in scoring and assists last year.

Lansdowne Vikings

9- 1991-92 record: 9-11. Coach: Mike Cromer.

Top players: Joe Jenkins, 6-4, Sr., C; Shawn Stevens, 6-3, Sr., C/F; George Smith, 5-10, Sr., F; Teon Jones, 5-11, Sr., G.

Outlook: Cromer, the new coach, inherits a team with lots of experience. Nine of the 13 players are seniors, and the Vikings should have a good running game and be able to take it inside. Cromer said the team will play up-tempo, pressure basketball.

Loch Raven Raiders

7+ 1991-92 record: 18-5. Coach: Gary Horn.

Top players: Josh Mitchell, 6-5, F, Sr.; Dane Elterman, 6-2, F, Jr.; Mike Vogel, 6-1, G, Sr.; Mike McGreevy, 6-10, C, Sr.

Outlook: The Raiders lost three starters and some quickness, but plenty of talent remains. Leading the way will be Mitchell, a strong inside player. Much of the success will come on rebounds and fast breaks.

Loyola Dons

;/ 1991-92 record: 21-10. Coach: Jerry Savage.

Top players: Jerry Hunt, 6-3, Sr., F; Wes Unseld Jr., 6-3, Sr., F; Warren Parker, 5-11, Sr., G; Michael Jackson, 6-1, Jr., G; Tim O'Hara, 6-3, Jr., F.

Outlook: The Dons finished third in the Catholic League last year and they could climb with four starters returning, three of whom averaged in double figures. Hunt and Unseld give the team a good front line and Parker is a decent outside shooter. The Dons are experienced and quick, but not very big.

Lutheran Saints

:. 1991-92 record: 10-13. Coach: Tom Lentsch.

Top players: Joel Davis, 5-11, Jr., G; Curtis Miller, 5-11, Jr., F.

Outlook: The Saints lost eight seniors to graduation, so they will have to grow with a very green team. A number of their players are seniors out for the first time. They are also small, with the tallest at 6-4.

McDonogh Eagles

:. 1991-92 record: 14-8. Coach: Albie Swartz.

Top players: Donta Evans, 5-8, Jr.,

G; Mike Layden, 6-3, Jr., F; Bob Sabelhaus, 6-5 1/2 , So., F.

Outlook: The Eagles are moving up in competition to play some A Conference schools with a predominantly sophomore team. It might be a rough ride at first, but this is a team that should improve. Size and quickness are adequate and Sabelhaus averaged 15.0 points and 10.0 rebounds the last six games last season.

Milford Mill Millers

1991-92 record: 20-6 (Class 1A state champion). Coach: Homer Seidel.

Top players: Ken Bostic, 5-11, Jr., G; Carl Schattall, 5-11, Sr., G; Blanchard Hurd, 6-6, So., C; Jermaine Dunn, 6-6, Jr., F.

Outlook: The loss of Norman Nolan to Dunbar will hurt, but it won't destroy the Millers. Milford Mill lost four starters, but Bostic is good to have back. There will be no star this year, and the

Millers will be more team-oriented.

Overlea Falcons

6* 1991-92 record: 23-1. Coach: Tom Gere.

Top players: Shante Dukes, 5-9, Jr., G; Gerald Palmer, 6-1, Sr., G/F; Igwe Blount, 6-1, Jr., F; Bernard Fitchette, 5-9, Jr., G.

Outlook: The Falcons, who lost to Forestville in the state title game, have a new coach and four new starters. They'll still have loads of quickness and speed and plenty of backcourt experience despite losing all-everything big man Bernard Hopkins.

Owings Mills Eagles

9- 1991-92 record: 0-20. Coach: Randy Pentz.

Top players: Jeremy Dayton, 6-2, Sr., F; Andy Sachs, 6-3, Jr., F; Joey Sachs, 6-1, Sr., G/F; Randy Sherman, 5-9, Sr., G.

Outlook: This could be another long year. Pentz said he likes the work ethic of this group. Defense and ball-handling should be improved, but the Golden Eagles lack depth and size.

Park Bruins

9- 1991-92 record: 3-19. Coach: Web Johnson.

Top players: Jon Grissom, 5-11, So., F; Josh Carlin, 5-11, Sr., G; Paul Kenny, 6-2, Sr., F.

Outlook: Kenny should help the Bruins better last season's record. Johnson believes making the C Conference playoffs is a legitimate goal. Two sophomores will start.

Parkville Knights

=1 1991-92 record: 17-5. Coach: Zach Karantonis.

Top players: Anthony Elliott, 5-6, Sr., G; Keith Foster, 6-4, Jr., C; Shawn Robinson, 6-0, Sr., F; Terrance Edmond, 5-9, Sr., G.

Outlook: Parkville went to the state Class 3A semifinals before losing to Aberdeen, but Karantonis said the roster is virtually "bone dry" now. To try to compensate, the Knights will hustle

and play constant pressure defense.

Patapsco Patriots

8, 1991-92 record: 9-10. Coach: Pat Conway.

Top players: Darrell Esteppe, 6-2, Sr., F; Marcus Bowersox, 6-5, Sr., C; Tim Dodge, 6-0, Jr., G; Sal Greensfelder, 5-10, So., G; Wayne Wright, 6-2, Sr., F.

Outlook: The Patriots are upbeat with the improvement of their inside game. They have more size and bulk than usual and should be able to rebound.

Perry Hall Gators

9- 1991-92 record: 9-13. Coach: Phil Walter.

Top players: Jeff Burrows, 5-10, Sr., G; Mark Franklin, 6-0, Sr., F; -- Matt Banks, 6-5, Jr., F; James Brown, 6-4, Sr., C; Corey Randolph, 5-10, Sr., G.

Outlook: This is a very deep team that returns five starters and five more players of nearly equal ability. Burrows will usually direct the show. Johnston Brown and Eric Coupling make them four-deep at guard and Pernell Owens and Larry Green give them four capable forwards.

Pikesville Panthers

8, 1991-92 record: 6-13. Coach: Joe Barley.

Top players: Adam Bolotin, 5-10, Sr. F; Howard Bushman, 6-2, Sr., F.

Outlook: The Panthers are basically

a new team with a lot of players of equal ability. They lack size and will have to play aggressive defense.

Randallstown Rams

;/ 1991-92 record: 8-14. Coach: Reggie Brooks.

Top players: Eric Davis, 6-3, Sr., G; Bill Garrett, 6-3, Sr., F; Kimm White, 6- 6, Sr., C; Tommy Johnson, 5-10, Jr., G.

Outlook: There are some questions early for the Rams. They have more speed and quickness than last year, plenty of height for rebounding, but the backcourt lacks varsity experience, especially at point guard. They'll need big years from Garrett and Davis.

St. Paul's Crusaders

:. 1991-92 record: 20-8. Coach: Rick Collins.

Top players: Michael Watson, 5-9, Sr., G; Chris Beach, 6-0, Jr., G; Brad Read, 6-1, Sr., F.

Outlook: After two successive C Conference titles (three in the last five seasons), St. Paul's is taking on a big challenge by rising to the A Conference. Ten seniors are gone, but Collins has some talented holdovers led by Watson.

Sparrows Point Pointers

:. 1991-92 record: 3-18. Coach: Russ Lingner.

Top players: Adam Burleson, 6-5, Sr., C; Carnell Damon, 5-11,

So., G; Will Marshall, 6-5, Jr., G.

Outlook: Lingner is optimistic about his team, which has a balanced look between quickness and size. There is power inside with Burleson and six returnees overall. Only two key players were lost, so the Pointers should be competitive at the 1A level.

Towson Generals

8, 1991-92 record: 7-13. Coach: Randy Dase.

Top players: Damon Tobias, 6-1, Sr., F; Nate Pullifrone, 5-8, Sr., G; Mike Banegura, 5-8, Sr., G.

Outlook: Towson will have to depend heavily on quickness because the average height of the starting team will be about 5-10. Tobias will have to carry a heavy load on the boards and the team must play tenacious defense and ball-control offense.

Towson Catholic Owls

:. 1991-92 record: 23-10. Coach: Mike Daniel.

Top players: James Burrell, 6-6, Sr. F; Richard Rhinehart, 6-5, Sr., G; Sharif Butler, 6-3, Sr. G.

Outlook: Daniel is talking pessimistically although he retains the nucleus of a team that won the Catholic League tournament. The big void is point guard Sidney Johnson, now at Fork Union Military Academy. No replacement has surfaced. But the Owls won't be bad off with Burrell, Rhinehart and Butler to carry the scoring.

Woodlawn Warriors

8, 1992-92 record: 16-7. Coach: Rod Norris.

Top players: Dante Dudley, 6-2, Jr., F; D'Andre McQueen, 6-3, Sr., F; Hafiz Grier, 6-0, Sr., G; Rodney Petitt, 6-1, Sr., G.

Outlook: The Warriors are very balanced, very quick and have good size. Dudley, a versatile player who can do a little bit of everything, should key the offense. Norris is getting a good crop of players from a junior varsity championship team. Only four players and one starter return, but the Warriors possess lots of talent.

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