City police suspect neighbor kidnapped missing 6-year-old

A 6-year-old West Baltimore girl who could die without he prescribed medication has been missing for a week, and police believe she was kidnapped by a 16-year-old girl who previously RTC was arrested for abducting another child.

The missing girl, Latoya Bradshaw of the 1400 block of Division Street, was last seen Nov. 21, when a neighborhood teen-ager identified as Janae Simmons said she was taking her to buy candy at a corner store, police said.


"It's been six days, and this child needs medication for a potentially life-threatening condition," police spokesman Agent Doug Price said yesterday. Police and family members asked that the child's illness not be published.

Police were concerned enough about the child's welfare last night to ask a Circuit Court judge to sign a court order authorizing the Simmons youth's name and picture to be released to the media, even though she is a juvenile.


Judge David B. Mitchell granted the request. Police then released the name and photograph, taken after Janae Simmons was arrested earlier this year for abducting a 2-year-old Baltimore girl.

Latoya's uncle and legal guardian, Earnest Garrison, 52, said the Simmons youth is a friend of his 17-year-old nephew and had played with Latoya at the uncle's home.

He said Janae Simmons came to the house on Nov. 21 and asked to take his niece to the movies.

"I said no, but then she asked if she could take her to the store up the street, just to buy some goodies for her," Mr. Garrison said. "I said, 'OK, but please bring her right back.' "

The two did not return. "That's the last I've seen of either one of them," said Mr. Garrison, who contacted police about his missing niece Nov. 23.

Police said the Simmons youth lives with relatives on Carswell Street. Periodic checks at the home this week have turned up nothing, and there are no clues as to where the teen-ager may be with the child, police said.

Agent Price said the incident is being investigated as a kidnapping.

Police would not go into detail about Janae Simmons' criminal history, nor would they say what happened in the abduction involving the 2-year-old child.


Mr. Garrison said he had heard about the previous incident and )) knew the Simmons youth had been arrested, but he said the teen-ager seemed easygoing.

"She doesn't strike me as someone who wants a child. I just don't understand it," Mr. Garrison said.

Latoya's illness is one that requires her to take regular medication. Mr. Garrison said her mother died of the same medical condition on Jan. 21 of this year.

Anyone with any information about the missing girl or the Simmons youth is asked to call the missing persons unit at 396-2335.