Party of lace and frills brings back memories ANNE ARUNDEL SENIORS

Rose Brandt, 76, wasn't at all hesitant to parade among her fellow Crofton Convalescent residents in nothing more than a silky green negligee adorned with black lace.

"I knew they'd get a laugh out of it," said Ms. Brandt, a resident of the center. "That's why I did it."


Ms. Brandt is one of six other seniors who anxiously volunteered to participate in the center's very first "Ladies Only Champagne and Lingerie Party."

Crofton Convalescent Center's activity director, Randy Schwartzberg, said she is always looking for new ideas to encourage seniors to reflect on the "good ol' days."


"We encourage reminiscing-type activities such as this," she said. "It will stimulate conversation about lingerie of years ago vs. today's fashions."

As part of the party Ms. Schwartzberg displayed the latest "immodest" fashions in the negligee world and then had her six volunteers model the latest practical and very modest night wear.

Last Tuesday's show made Evelyn Pembroke, an onlooker, remember the outfits she wore in her younger years.

"I had some beautiful lingerie," said the 82-year-old.

She added that she wouldn't wear any of today's skimpy fashions, but adamantly encouraged the "young ones" to wear whatever silk or lace nothings strike their fancy.

Lilian Douglas, 90, also had no problem displaying a bit of herself to the crowd of more than 30 as she modeled a short nightgown.

"Oh, it's just for fun," said Ms. Douglas. "Let the ladies see what they're wearing today."

After the lingerie show the senior participants popped the champagne cork, served up the bubbly and nibbled on


cheese, crackers and cucumber sandwiches while laughing and recalling lingerie of earlier days.

"What a show," Ms. Schwartzberg said of the party. "It's nice to make them feel like women again."