RECENTLY, the fashion section of the Sunday...

RECENTLY, the fashion section of the Sunday New York Times featured an article on what it deemed to be one of the greatest fashion trends in our society today -- "grunge."

From the long, stringy hair and shredded, dirt-crusted jeans of alternative West Coast rock stars, to the purposefully "dirtied-up" models in the windows of Macy's, the tendency toward grunge in stylish dress is showing up everywhere.


While this may come as a shock to those of us who are slightly less fashion conscious than big-city thread twisters, it should nonetheless come as a pleasant one. At last, clothing that is as equally becoming (or un-becoming?) on normal people as it is on people with model-like physiques -- and it's inexpensive to boot!

But grunge you ask? "Is there some new meaning to that word that I don't understand?"


No! That's the beauty of it!

There's a new fashion bandwagon going around, and some of our readers might want to join in the fun.

It's a simple enough concept -- just don't groom or clean yourself for a good week or two, and then you too can make a nouveau New York fashion statement. Pull out those old jeans -- rip them up! Pull on that favorite old flannel shirt -- spill some food on it!

Won't your peers be jealous of the attention you get when you show up at work with both the look and the smell of some of today's hottest celebrities?

Grub it up!