Boog's biz booms taters take off, too


In yesterday's editions, the number of sandwiches that Boog Powell's barbecue stand at Oriole Park sold per game was reported incorrectly. The correct number is 2,000.

+ The Sun regrets the errors.

Fact: Turns out Boog sold almost 1,000 sandwiches a game at the ballpark.

Opinion: The Phillies should lower ticket prices based solely on the fact that they protected Juan Bell.

Fact: The closest a home run came to hitting the warehouse was Mickey Tettleton's on April 20, missing by 26 feet.

Opinion: Despite their injuries and losses, the Redskins will make the playoffs if they can stay ahead of the Giants.

Fact: Says Charles Barkley: "Only 30 percent of the teams in pro sports are committed to winning."

Opinion: Rick Sutcliffe's one-year deal shows there is some common sense in baseball's nutty economy.

Fact: Only in five ballparks were there more home runs hit than at Camden Yards last year.

Opinion: I'm leaning toward a non-RB/QB for my Heisman Trophy vote.

Fact: Dallas Mavs coach Richie Adubato on challenging the NBA record for fewest wins in a season (nine): "Sure I worry about whether we can get to 10."

Opinion: Any analysis of what's wrong with the Eagles should start with the absence of Pro Bowl selections Jerome Brown and Keith Jackson.

Fact: In depositions taken last December, Marge Schott said she keeps a swastika armband in a drawer at home.

Opinion: The NHL's expansion Tampa Bay Lightning, in first place earlier this week, would really be good if they had a man in goal.

Fact: Legendary meanie Rick Mahorn on Shaquille O'Neal: "If he got any meaner, there wouldn't be any league."

Opinion: Tom Gugliotta is way, way better than I ever thought he would be.

Fact: Michigan and Florida State are the only schools ranked in the top 10 in football and basketball.

Opinion: I'm one of those who has trouble giving an MVP award to a guy who played just 80 innings.

Fact: In the Phoenix Cardinals' media guide, a list of GM Larry Wilson's accomplishments includes, "He also instigated the Cardinals' change to red pants in 1990."

Opinion: Fined $1,000 for dousing Tim McCarver, Deion Sanders will make that much in roughly 30 seconds of a regular-season game.

Fact: The Vikings' defense has scored more touchdowns (seven) than the Seahawks' offense (five).

Opinion: It can't be pretty to see "Round" John Williams at the end of his 27-minutes a game.

Fact: Reggie White on Brett Favre: "The best young quarterback I've seen."

Opinion: The 1993 baseball season will be uninterrupted by a lockout or strike, as was feared.

Fact: The Miami Hurricanes' current senior class has never lost a home game.

Opinion: Mel Hall's signing a Japanese contract is evidence that such second-tier free agents are terrified that no one will offer them anything.

Fact: Washington football coach Don James suggests paying players $2,000 to compete in a playoff tournament.

Opinion: The next black manager will be Dusty Baker in San Francisco.

Fact: Many Division I-A coaches, upset about the drafting of underclassmen, are refusing to supply NFL scouts with films.

Opinion: Baseball certainly gains credibility giving zillion-time drug loser Steve Howe yet another chance.

Fact: Only eight NBA head coaches did not play in the league (or ABA): Adubato, Chuck Daly, Bob Hill, Randy Pfund, Jimmy Rodgers, Ron Rothstein, Garry St. Jean, Jerry Tarkanian.

Opinion: Gary Clark and Art Monk aren't catching any passes other than those they should catch.

Fact: Frank Thomas led the majors in long ball with an average home run of 405 feet.

Opinion: Local college basketball rankings: Towson, UMBC, Coppin, Morgan, Loyola.

Fact: A wild West Coast rumor has Joe Montana going to the QB-hungry Raiders next year.

Opinion: The best five NBA players you never hear about: Kendall Gill, Derek Harper, Shawn Kemp, Nick Anderson, Billy Owens.

Fact: Attendance dropped for 18 of the 26 major-league baseball teams.

Opinion: Just a hunch, but it can't be much fun to appear in the NFL Injury Report with (neck) after your name.

Fact: In the third set of a match at the Virginia Slims Championship last week, Martina Navratilova put all 38 of her first serves in play.

Opinion: I was going to print the Marlins' probable rotation, but the editors deemed it unsuitable for family viewing.

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