Public Concerned About FarmlandThe Community Coalition of...

Public Concerned About Farmland

The Community Coalition of Harford County would like to express its gratitude to those voters who voted for Question A during the Nov. 3 election.


Your overwhelming approval of Question A has re-affirmed your concern over the dwindling rural resources in the county. . . . The Community Coalition worked actively with the Harford Citizens for Farmland Preservation in their drive to promote this question, and you, the voters, finally made it happen.

Bruce Wells


Bel Air

The writer is president of the Community Coalition of Harford County.


Republicans can blame George Bush for losing for whatever reasons they want. However, a laid-off automobile worker, who with his wife is frying hamburgers for foreign tourists, knows why. Twelve years of Reaganomics didn't trickle real jobs, yet swamped his kids in a tidal wave of national debt.

Quentin D. Davis


Business As Usual

They say it is over when the fat lady sings. Well, she's singing andthe tune is "I'm Crazeeee!"


Doesn't it strike you as odd that the financial experts are coming out of the woodwork now that the election is over? Does it sound like they are happy with the results?

Those who do not believe Ross Perot should read "The Coming Economic Earthquake" by financial adviser Larry Burkett. It was on the market before Ross Perot hit the trail in our behalf. His predictions are now coming true.

. . . Are you happy that we still have all those lobbyists in Washington with our elected officials eating out of their hands? Bill Clinton has given them a six-month vacation. Does that satisfy you? Not me, folks.

One lady in California was re-elected to the Senate after having bounced 132 checks. . . . Are you tired of all this? If you have an interest in having your government represent you, join the New Patriot Party. It is already established in 23 states and in many counties here in Maryland.

We firmly support Ross Perot 100 percent and pledge to carry on his ideas and principles. They will not die!

We are having our first formal meeting at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 3 at the Bel Air Library, Pennsylvania and Hickory avenues. Jack Benson, the state chairman, will be our guest speaker. Come and find out what we are all about.


Shirley J. Leard


The writer is treasurer of the Patriot Party of Harford County.