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Elementary students celebrate Book Week

Hampstead Elementary School students in grades 1 through 5 will celebrate National Children's Book Week through Friday with a variety of activities.


Students in each class will be given the opportunity to sign their names in a chart in the media center proclaiming "We Love Books."

Grade 1 will hear the story "A Turkey for Thanksgiving," and will create a drawing to represent the story. Grade 2 will make a drawing to represent the story "The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses."


Grade 3 will hear "The Ox Cart Man" and do an activity to show the sequence of the story. Grade 4 students will create bumper stickers. Grade 5 will write its own mini-story book. The class has been studying historical fiction, including Roald Dahl's books, for which Miriam Larson's class completed several projects.


* Manchester: A chimney fire in a house on Bachman Road was extinguished by firefighters from Manchester, Lineboro and Hampstead at 7:40 p.m. on Sunday.

A 3:28 a.m. automobile fire on Route 27 Monday morning was extinguished by the volunteers from the Manchester fire station.