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Kendall Ridge development plan proceeds EAST COLUMBIA


In Friday's Howard section, an article about the proposed Kendall Ridge pool should have said that planning for the pool is expected to cost $75,000.

The Sun regrets the errors.

The Howard Research and Development Corp. has submitted plans for a 150-unit town house project in Kendall Ridge, the first phase of development that eventually could add more than 1,000 housing units to the Village of Long Reach.

Kendall Ridge is the fourth and newest neighborhood in Long Reach, said Al Scavo, vice president of The Rouse Co. HRD is a subsidiary of The Rouse Co.

The county Zoning Board paved the way for residential development in Kendall Ridge by changing the zoning in March for 149 acres of office and retail property to allow residential development.

The Long Reach village board supported the change.

"Everybody felt more comfortable with it being residential," said Gail Bailey, Columbia Council representative for Long Reach, adding that some residents were concerned about having businesses close to homes.

The planned development could add about 2,500 to 3,000 new residents.

Long Reach is the most populous of Columbia's 10 villages, with 12,701 people, according to figures compiled by HRD. Kendall Ridge has a population of 3,042.

Construction of new homes and apartments strengthens the argument for building a Kendall Ridge pool, said Ms. Bailey.

Kendall Ridge residents have lobbied the Columbia Council for money for a neighborhood pool for several years.

Columbia has 21 neighborhood pools, which along with other community recreational facilities, are operated by the non-profit Columbia Association.

The additional homes would double the size of Kendall Ridge," she said, adding that the development would make the neighborhood one of the largest in Columbia. "Because of its sheer size, it needs the basic amenities of a Columbia village, and that means pools and pathways."

Pathways are planned for the area, but much of the network is not built.

A Kendall Ridge pool would cost about $1 million to build, said Rob Goldman, CA director of membership services.

At a recent Long Reach village board meeting where alternative uses of Long Reach's three pools were discussed with CA officials, several Kendall Ridge residents said they felt slighted because their neighborhood doesn't have a pool.

Mr. Goldman said it's "no longer automatic that there will be a pool in every neighborhood," largely because the 21 pools are being run at a deficit.

The town houses, which need county Planning Board approval, would be built on some 24 acres of land south of Old Montgomery Road, east of Dobbin Road and west of the planned Snowden River Parkway.

To win approval, HRD must meet county standards for adequate public facilities, such as roads and schools.

The project also includes a parcel to be sold for condominiums.

Mr. Scavo said he expects the planning process to take more than one year and that construction won't begin until 1994.

Overall plans for Kendall Ridge include about 200 single-family detached homes, and as many as 1,000 multifamily units, mostly town houses, Mr. Scavo said.

The single-family homes will be proposed for the east side of Snowden River Parkway.

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