An incorrect source was given for the Gianni Versace shir and trousers shown in the Sun Magazine's holiday entertaining guide Sunday. The clothes are available at Hyatt & Co. The jewelry in the photo is available at Panache.

The Sun regrets the errors.


In the whirl, excitement and hard work that goes into holidaentertaining, it's easy to forget that the hostess should enjoy herself too. So here are a fashion suggestions to help minimize the stress of dressing up for a holiday soiree.

* Minimize accessories. Long flowing scarves can tip over wine glasses, and lengthy, clunky necklaces can slip into the dip. Alternative: Long drop earrings dress up a look but aren't cumbersome.


* Footwear should be comfortable, especially for cocktail parties that keep busy hostesses on their feet hours at a time. Avoid high heels. Mules, velvet loafers with a crest and low-heeled suede shoes are great accompaniments to today's casual but elegant fashions.

* Choose belts, scarves and hair accessories that will stay in place for the duration of the party. That way you won't have to fuss with them all evening.

* Don't fall into the trap of forcing a look: There's nothing more uncomfortable than fidgeting all night with, say, a neckline that doesn't fit right. The key to successful entertaining is comfort.

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