Planners recommend closure of Trotter Road

The county Planning Board has voted to recommend the closing of Trotter Road north of Route 32.


Trotter Road, near the Village of River Hill, runs north-south between routes 108 and 32.

The appointed panel of residents voted, 4-1, at its meeting Tuesday to recommend to the County Council that the road be closed as called for in the county's 1990 General Plan.


The recommendation is not binding on the County Council, which is scheduled to conduct public hearings Nov. 16 on two bills on the Trotter Road issue. Council Chairman Paul Farragut has proposed the bills.

One of the bills calls for the road to be left connected to Route 32 and a new road built that would run east-west, crossing Trotter Road. The road would also cross River Hill Road, a planned access into the village, and provide access to ramps onto Route 32. The state plans to begin widening and straightening Route 32 next summer. The other bill seeks closure of Trotter as called for in the General Plan.

Longtime area residents want the road closed to prevent what they fear will be an increase in motorists using Trotter Road as a shortcut between routes 32 and 108.

The River Hill village board said residents of the new community want the road to remain open so commuters won't have to take a roundabout way to get to Route 32.


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