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My car has been recalled again. This is the third time, and it's 3 years old. I guess this is the way Detroit gets to make annual checkups on its products.

I hate these recalls. I always worry that if I take the car in the dealer will fix the problem and create several more to increase his business. Then I worry that this part, which no one in their right mind has ever heard of, really does exist, and it's important, and I'll wreck the car if it's not replaced.


Next time, I'll get a horse.



PAL (Parents Advocating Literacy) coordinator Mary Katsafanas bubbles with enthusiasm. This year's committee is bursting with ideas, and the second meeting has yet to occur. Ms. Katsafanas, section leader in Eldersburg Elementary's first grade, is not superstitious; the next meeting will be held on Friday, Nov. 13.

"We're concentrating first on the publishing center," she said, "because so much is possible as soon as it's complete."

The center, in the planning stage since last year, will enable publication of students' work in the student newspaper and a newsletter for parents that will include tips for encouraging child literacy.

Other items on the agenda for the group are a storytelling workshop, read-a-thon, guest authors as speakers, adventure month, book swaps, mail month, TV blackouts and young authors in the paper.

"We're hoping to get the seniors involved," Ms. Katsafanas said. "We think some of them would enjoy helping out but can't get here. So we're working on arranging transportation for them."

Have any ideas? Or just want to be where it's happening? Join the group on Friday at 1 p.m. at Eldersburg Elementary School.


Halloween is past, and now is the time to think about getting ready for Christmas. Wendy Steil and Eileen Jensen have been thinking about it for a while -- since August, when they decided to look for new ideas for the "Country Holiday Craft Fair" at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Eldersburg.


"We even went to Williamsburg [Va.] for ideas," said Ms. Steil, "and that was just a start -- we've been all over Maryland and Virginia, and up to Hanover [Pa.]"

All that travel has resulted in the desired "new look" for the bazaar, which will have lots of Victorian items in addition to the wood and country crafts, trim-a-tree items, wreaths and cross-stitch.

"My favorites are the Victorian bears. They're so cute, with clothes and pearl earrings. My basement alone looks like a craft fair right now," Ms. Steil reports. And she's still working on more items, which she says she completes to music.

"I can look at a piece I've done and tell what was playing when I made it," she laughs.

So if you're looking for a fun way to shop for Christmas, go the Country Holiday Craft Fair at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bring the kids; no one will go hungry. There will be a tempting food area, with pizza, sausage, hot dogs, nacho cheese and chips, and other refreshments. There's a baked-goods table too, which will even have fresh bread.


Who knows? You may win something in the raffle.