From The Sun Nov. 8-14, 1842Nov. 10:...

From The Sun Nov. 8-14, 1842

Nov. 10: The Hon. Daniel Webster, Secretary of State, the Hon. Walter Forward, Secretary of the Treasury, and Edward Curtis, Esq., Collector of the port of New York, passed through Baltimore yesterday, for Washington, dining at the U.S. Hotel.


Nov. 11: Mr. W. H. Griffith, professor of dancing, has opened an academy for the reception of pupils, in Baltimore Street, one door west of North St. Mr. G. is fully competent to teach his profession.

From The Sun Nov. 8-14, 1892


Nov. 8: City Hall news -- Engineer Martin submitted a general report urging the necessity of dredging the Lake and Loch Raven. He estimated the dredging would cost between 20 and 30 cents a cubic yard.

Nov. 9: Fork, in the eleventh district of Baltimore County, is a progressive village on the Joppa Road, leading from Baldwin Station, on the Baltimore and Lehigh Railroad, to Bradshaw, on the Baltimore and Ohio. It has a large canning establishment operated by Mr. Thomas H. Gorsuch.

From The Sun Nov. 8-14, 1942

Nov. 8: In many Baltimore homes the caissons and Bren guns will roll underneath the Christmas trees. Even a model Messerschmidt may pitch down from the boughs of the evergreen, if Santa Claus can win his race with shortages.

Nov. 9: With the nation at war, Baltimore, for the first time since Nov. 11, 1918, will "observe" rather than "celebrate" Armistice Day this Wednesday. There will be no parade and only solemn "devotional and memorial ceremonies."