NBA more expensive for fans, but Bullets are still a bargain


Like everything else, the cost of attending a professional basketball game will increase this season -- but Washington Bullets fans will still enjoy below-average prices for everything from tickets to beers.

A statistically average family of four attending an NBA game during the season that begins this week will pay $158.18, up nearly 9 percent from last season, according to an annual survey by Team Marketing Report, a Chicago-based sports marketing newsletter.

The $158 tab includes four average-priced tickets, two draft beers, four hot dogs, four soft drinks, two souvenir caps and game programs, and parking. A similar outing cost $163.19 for an NFL game and $85.85 for major-league baseball, according to the newsletter.

"Despite the languishing economy, the higher prices have not appeared to impact fans' passion for coming to the games and spending money," newsletter editor Alan Friedman said in a prepared statement.

Attending a Bullets home game at the Capital Centre in Landover will cost an average of $148.96 for the mythical family of four.

Bullets' tickets average $23.49 each, the 17th most expensive in the 27-team league and 7 percent under the NBA average of $25.16. At $3, draft beers at Bullets games are slightly less than the NBA-average $3.09.

Overall costs for attending a Bullets game are up nearly 11 percent from last year. The most expensive team for fans is the New York Knicks, with ticket prices that average $36.14 and push the costs for a family of four to $217.36. Denver Nuggets fans pay the least for both tickets -- $17.70 -- and the average costs for four, $117.80.

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