Westminster motorists' driving habits praised

Residents of Westminster and the motorists who use its highways have earned high grades in the Governor's Highway Safety Program for October.

The statistics for last month were announced by the Westminster police department yesterday and revealed that 81 percent of the drivers stopped were properly using safety belts.


Female drivers attained the highest grades with a compliance rate of 88 percent, compared with 71 percent for men.

Seat belts were in use by only 57 percent of the truck drivers checked, but this was an increase of 9 percent over October 1991 findings.


Male and female drivers this year showed an increase in seat-belt use of 4 percent and 3 percent respectively, according to the report.

In other areas covered by the governor's "enforcement" part of the program, Westminster police arrested 14 drivers for driving while intoxicated.

Sixty-eight motorists received citations for exceeding speed limits by 10 miles per hour and 91 for exceeding posted speeds by 1 to 9 mph, last month.

The "Safety Belt Officer" award for the month went to Pfc. Tony Ott for issuing 27 citations and warnings for failure to use seat belts, according to the report.