Man, 52, charged with sexually abusing kin


County police have charged a Pennsylvania man with sexually abusing his daughter and another family member in a Glen Burnie home at the same time his brother allegedly abused his two daughters in the same house in the 1970s.

State police in Pennsylvania arrested the 52-year-old man, who lives in Mount Pleasant Mills, a tiny village about 60 miles northwest of Harrisburg in central Pennsylvania, Thursday, said Sgt. Robert Tice, head of the Anne Arundel County police child abuse unit.

The man is being held without bond in the Snyder County Jail, awaiting extradition to Maryland to face two counts sexual child abuse, two counts of perverted sex practices and one count of second degree sex offense, police said.

His brother, of Bigfork, Mont., is being held in the Anne Arundel County Detention Center on $500,000 bond, charged with sexually abusing his two daughters from the time they were 5 until they were 18.

Part of that time, they lived in Glen Burnie, police said.

The charges against both men were filed by their grown daughters.

Sergeant Tice said the older brother allegedly abused a female member of his extended family from the time she was 5 until she was 19. He also allegedly abused his daughter until she was 14 and began fighting back, Sergeant Tice said.

According to Sergeant Tice, the incidents occurred in Pennsylvania and in Glen Burnie when the older man brought his daughter and another family member to visit his brother and his two daughters.

Both men were charged in Maryland because the statute of limitations on such crimes had expired in Montana and Pennsylvania.

Sergeant Tice said police contacted the Pennsylvania women, both in their early 30s, after talking with the daughters of the Montana man.

"We contacted these girls and we knew they were ready to talk," he said. "They had been talking to the other two victims who had already come forward."

Sheriff's deputies in Flathead County, Mont., arrested the 50-year-old man two weeks ago after a six-hour standoff at his home in Bigfork. He was extradited Oct. 17 to Anne Arundel County where he is charged with two counts of incest, two counts of physical child abuse and two counts of battery.

He denied each of the charges during a bail review hearing Oct. 19.

According to investigators here, his 30-year-old daughter, who lives in Montana, told authorities there in August that her father abused her and her sister.

Sheriff's deputies in Montana later contacted police in Mississippi, where the second daughter, now 28, lives.

She gave authorities there a statement similar in detail to the one her sister had given, Sergeant Tice said.

All of the information was forwarded to Anne Arundel County because most of the alleged abuse occurred in Glen Burnie and because Maryland has no statute of limitations on such crimes, he said.

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