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Annapolis man arrested after driving girl to police

An Annapolis man was arrested Friday night after he allegedly grabbed a 12-year-old girl, forced her into his car and drove her to the city police station, police said.


The girl told a police officer that she and her friends were hanging out in Bowman Court when the man approached them at about 10:30 p.m., police said. The other girls ran away, but the man collared the 12-year-old, who was sobbing, and took her to the police station.

Chris V. Davis, 36, of the 2000 block of Gate Drive, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, battery and false imprisonment, police said.


Mr. Davis told police that he was driving through Annapolis Gardens when several girls approached him and asked for a ride to Eastport. They ran away, and he grabbed the 12-year-old because she was crying and said she needed help, according to the police report.

An officer found the 12-year-old crying in the lobby of the Annapolis Police Department on Taylor Avenue, police said. She was returned to the custody of her parents.

Electrical failure takes 20 off life-support

An electrical failure during a routine test of the emergency power system at Anne Arundel Medical Center yesterday morning knocked 20 patients briefly off life-support systems and snarled the hospital's phone system.

Nurses and paramedics rushed the patients out of the critical-care unit and onto manual equipment when the electricity went out at about 6:30 a.m., hospital officials said.

Nine paramedic teams from city and county fire departments were called to help stabilize the patients and provide backup life-support equipment. Most of the patients in critical care were moved into the intensive-care unit, while others were treated by the paramedics.

The rest of the hospital was not affected by the power outage, said Carolyn Tonty, a hospital spokeswoman.

The hospital checks its emergency power system every Monday morning. Yesterday, a loose circuit or other problem caused the electricity to fail in the critical-care unit between 6:30 a.m. and 8:15 a.m.


None of the 205 patients in the hospital at the time of the failure was hurt, Ms. Tonty said.

Edgewater man beaten, then robbed of $70

A 41-year-old Edgewater man told police he was robbed at the Patuxent River boat ramp Sunday evening.

According to the police report, the man was on the ramp at 7 p.m. when he went to get his car while a friend stayed with the boat the two had been in. As he was walking, another man hit him on the head and stole his wallet which contained $70.

The victim was knocked unconscious and was found a short time later by his friend.

The victim described his assailant as a black man wearing a black sweat shirt. He was 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 200 pounds.


Thieves take jewelry from Annapolis Mall

Someone stole $1,110 worth of jewelry from a display case at an Annapolis Mall store Saturday, county police reported.

According to the police report, a key was used to open the case at the Kay Jeweler's store about 10 a.m. A bracelet, rings and a watch were stolen.

Employees at the store said the case can be opened with any type of small key, the police report said.