Veterinarian stresses good horse sense


Dr. Nicholas Herrick of the Bond Street Veterinary Clinic in Westminster has inaugurated a series of educational seminars for the Carroll County Equestrian Council.

In his presentation, Herrick discussed what horse owners should know in caring for their equines.

"We need to look at our horses' health needs from the perspective of how we have changed the horse's environment from a grazing animal to one who is kept in a pasture and a stall," Herrick said to more than a dozen horse owners at the seminar.

"We have placed the horse in an artificial environment he was not meant to be in, and we have to realize the health ramifications of this."

The topics he discussed included digestion problems, lameness, parasites, vaccinations, caring for an older horse and the importance of a regular health regimen.

"My basic recommendations include inoculations for Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis in the spring, tetanus and rabies once a year, and influenza twice a year," Herrick said. "The horse should also have a booster for rhinopneumonitis each year. Pregnant mares need rhino shots during their pregnancy, and if your horse travels, he should have a Potomac Fever vaccination."

These free seminars will be conducted monthly at the Agriculture Center in Westminster. You do not need to belong to any organization or own a horse to attend.

"I thought this was very informative," said Sonny Biddison, president of the Carroll County Equestrian Council. "I'm happy with this turnout, but I hope more people will start coming. The November seminar will cover equine nutrition. In January we will have a horse dentist."

Biddison was sporting stitches in his leg after being kicked by a horse on a trail ride recently. He had earlier in the day survived unscathed when

his Morgan mare, new to trail riding, had skidded on slippery ground.

"Isn't that just the way?" said his wife, Angie. "Something scary happens and it turns out OK, but then he was just standing there a good distance away from this other horse and she kicked him, and that's when he was hurt."

Horrific winners

Amanda Naill of Mount Airy and Wendy Bourckel won the youth and adult divisions, respectively, of the "horrific" trail class at the season's final Mid-Maryland Horse and Pony Association show at the Howard Fairgrounds on Oct. 25.

The trail was put together by Chris Keith and Sandy Collins. It featured a deathman holding a rat and sitting on a hay bale, a witch with a broomstick, a giant pumpkin, a huge spider and ghosts along the rail, a scary coffin guarded by a coiled snake with a skeleton and spider in residence, and three graves with creaking tombstones.

Take a candlelight ride

The Sundance and Victorian carriage companies will begin their candlelight rides through Frederick's historic district every week night, except Monday, beginning Thanksgiving weekend and continuing through New Year's.

Rates are $30 per half-hour for up to six people in a carriage. Arrangements can be made for up to 44 people in a horse-drawn trolley.

On Nov. 27 and Dec. 4, carriages will leave from Everedy Square in Frederick from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Rides will be $3 for adults and $2 for children on those days. Call (410) 489-7863 or (301) 694-7433 for reservations or information.

Maple Spring Horse Trials

The Maple Spring Horse Trials on Oct. 25 produced the following results:

Novice Horse Division: 1. Beth Brown, Second Chance; 2. Cindy Lytle, Maggie's Edge; 3. Susan Dooling, H. Derek.

Novice Rider Division: 1. Erin Dorrley, Classy Lady; 2. Kate Gildea, Nikki; 3. Austin Williams, Mitken.

Chicken Horse Division: 1. Katy Ontko, Midnight Fantasy; 2. Ann Marie Turpin, Prizm; 3. Colleen Morris, Casablanca.

Sr. Chicken Rider Division: 1. Janine Hiryok, Buckwheat; 2. Allyson Santos, Gambler; 3. Pamela Ownes, Goose Bumps.

Jr. Chicken Rider Division: 1. Katy Murphy, Kojack; 2. Tina Aquilino, Meshki; 3. Stephanie Brice, Lyn Lee's Lochinvar.

Super Chicken Horse Division: 1. Jennifer Hebert, Right On Que; 2. Barb Bixler, Flambeau; 3. Terri Impson, Fringe Benefit

Sr. Super Chicken Rider Division: 1. Karen Cogar, Beatitude; 2. Nicole Lee, Dinah; 3. Suzanne Gissom, Nutmeg.

Jr. Super Chicken Rider Division A: 1. Coral Goad, Patches; 2. Christy Bayman, Pepper; 3. Alexander Siegal, Just Suppose.

Jr. Super Chicken Rider Division B: 1. Laura Peace, My First Concerto; 2. Amanda Magrogan, Woe Is Me; 3. Jennifer Schwartz, Polly Polka Dot.

Equestrian calendar

Nov. 4 -- Volunteer of the Year Ceremony, Hashawa Environmental Center, Westminster.

Nov. 7 -- 1992 Appleton Stables Show Series, Elkton, (301) 398-1466.

Nov. 8 -- Gymkhana, Equilibrium Horse Center, Gambrills, (410) 721-0885.

Nov. 10 -- Carroll County Equestrian Council meeting. East Middle School, Longwell Avenue, Westminster, (410) 833-4593.

Nov. 18 -- Free educational seminar on equine general nutrition sponsored by the Carroll County Equestrian Council. 7:30 p.m., at 700 Agriculture Center, Extension Office meeting room, Westminster, (410) 833-4593.

Nov. 20 -- Deadline for Maryland Combined Training Association volunteer awards nominations, Linda Reynolds, (410) 239-8831.

Nov. 21 -- Seminar on Business Management for the Horse Owner, Hilltop Farm, Colora, (410) 658-9898.

Nov. 27-30 -- Dressage clinic with Erik Herberman, Equilibrium Farm, Gambrills, (301) 721-0885.

Nov. 27-Jan. 1 -- Carriage rides in Frederick. Sundance and Victorian Carriage Companies. (410) 489-7863 or (301) 694-7433.

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