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Gilchrest outspent by 4-1 McMillen's outlay passes $1 million in 1st District


WASHINGTON -- Democratic Rep. Tom McMillen has spent more than a million dollars on his 1st District election campaign -- four times more than his Republican opponent, Rep. Wayne T. Gilchrest, federal records show.

Mr. McMillen, the three-term congressman from Anne Arundel County, had spent $1.1 million as of Oct. 14 in the neck-and-neck race for the 1st District seat, according to a report released yesterday by the Federal Election Commission.

Mr. Gilchrest, a freshman lawmaker from Kent County, spent $256,000 through mid-October, the records show.

As the candidates headed into the final two weeks of the campaign, Mr. McMillen had $282,000 in cash reserves; Mr. Gilchrest had $53,000.

The two incumbents are vying to represent the redrawn district.

His large campaign account has helped Mr. McMillen finance a spate of negative television ads and mailings that have kept Mr. Gilchrest on the defensive in the final weeks.

Mr. McMillen, a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee and a former basketball player, has long been able to use his status to fuel his campaign coffers. Mr. Gilchrest, in contrast, has taken a low-key approach to fund raising.

The records show that Mr. McMillen collected $433,000 from individuals and $619,000 from Democratic and political action committees (PACs) during the campaign cycle that began Jan. 1, 1991. Mr. Gilchrest took in $202,000 from individuals and $66,000 from his party and special interests during the same period. Each candidate had some funds left from previous campaigns.

Mr. McMillen is not the only million-dollar spender in Maryland's congressional delegation.

Rep. Steny H. Hoyer, a Prince George's Democrat running in the redrawn 5th District, spent $1.3 million through Oct. 14, while his GOP challenger, Larry Hogan Jr., spent $177,000, federal records show.

Mr. Hoyer collected $482,000 from individual donations and $661,000 from PACs. Mr. Hogan, meanwhile, received $124,000 from individuals and another $40,000 from PACs.

Rep. Helen Delich Bentley, the Lutherville Republican, is the third-highest spender in the state's congressional delegation. She has overwhelmed her Democratic opponent, Michael C. Hickey Jr., with $720,000 in expenditures in the campaign for the 2nd District seat. Mr. Hickey has spent just $21,000.

Mrs. Bentley picked up $631,000 in individual donations and $211,000 from PACs and political parties. Mr. Hickey collected all of his money from individual contributors.

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