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Teammates eager to see what Kings' ransom bought


Walt Williams comes into the Sacramento Kings' fold with much fanfare and even more money.

His teammates, most of whom have not seen him play, are ready to see his talents.

"He's getting all the money," Spud Webb said. "So, yeah, I want to see what he can do. I think every guy here is anxious to see what he can do."

Four of his Sacramento Kings teammates -- Stan Kimbrough, Michael Curry, Pete Chilcutt and Randy Brown -- played with him in Utah at the Rocky Mountain Summer Revue.

But Marty Conlon, then playing with the Seattle SuperSonics' entry in the league, enjoyed the perspective of playing against Williams.

"He missed some shots, but you can see what he can do," Conlon said. "You see a guy his size [6 feet 8] handling the ball the way he can. And you can see the confidence he has.

"You see the passes he made, or even tried to make, and you know even though he didn't know the NBA game, it was easy to see that he's going to be good."

Said Webb: "As a rookie making all that money, he's going to take some stuff from the vets. But I think Mitch [Richmond] and Lionel [Simmons] realize that he made it better for them. They are the two franchise guys on the team, and the Kings will eventually have to do something [financially] for them."

Williams said he believes Richmond and Simmons indicated their acceptance when they restructured their contracts to help get him signed.

"I think they definitely sent a message that they want a winning program," he said. "And I'm definitely looking forward to playing with such great players."

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