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Severn's Fowler, Mack are eager to settle score


Severn quarterback Brad Fowler probably will be looking for some water after his team's Maryland Scholastic Association C Conference game tomorrow at unbeaten St. Paul's.

Fowler hopes to find something to quench his thirst after a victory over the Crusaders, unlike last year when he was looking for a body of water to drown his sorrows.

"After last year's game against St. Paul's, I felt like jumping in a river and drowning myself," said Fowler, who threw four interceptions in the Admirals' 13-7 loss.

"I was young and tried to make too many things happen and I ended up playing the worst game of my life. Hopefully, I won't be that stupid this year."

In this, his senior campaign, Fowler has completed 32 of 54 passes for 668 yards and eight touchdowns. Behind his leadership, and the running of Jamand "Jake" Mack, the Admirals have coasted to an 8-0 record and remain unbeaten in the C Conference -- along with St. Paul's -- at 5-0.

Fowler enters the game -- as he did last season -- having thrown only two interceptions; he's especially eager not to add to that total.

"We have to score some points against this team," said Fowler. "The first time we get the ball, we have to drive it down the field and show them we mean business.

"They have an excellent defense and they've been stuffing everyone. Right now, they don't believe anyone can score on them."

The optimism of St. Paul's defense borders on cockiness, but its high expectations are justified. In seven games, the Crusaders have yielded a total of only two touchdowns while recording five shutouts.

Defensive tackles Shawn Bean and Ian Seletzky anchor the Crusaders' defense along with linebackers Jason Rockwell and Steve Karvounis, and will try to stop Mack, who missed last year's game because of a knee injury.

Mack enters the game with 1,041 yards and 13 touchdowns on 114 carries. Severn coach Jim Doyle knows his tailback is eager to strut his stuff.

"Jake has been motivated by not being able to play last year," said Doyle, whose team has lost to St. Paul's the past two seasons, forcing it to share the conference crown. "It hurt him greatly not being able to play. It wasn't his fault, but he didn't feel as though he was contributing. It's given him a little extra incentive."

St. Paul's coach Mitch Tullai says Mack, a senior, doesn't need any additional provocation.

"Mack's a super ballplayer, and I think he can play with anyone and in any league," said Tullai. "We have to stop the run, but they can also pass with Fowler. They're a very sound football team, and they do a lot of basic things and they do them very well. I don't expect any surprises, just a very tough, well-coached team."

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