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Questions on charter answered on cable TVCarroll...


Questions on charter answered on cable TV

Carroll County residents will have their charter government questions answered tomorrow night during a live community television forum on cable Channel 19 at 9 p.m.

The forum, sponsored by the Carroll County Communications Guild, will be the channel's second live broadcast, said Tom Forsythe, the program's producer. The first was during the channel's third-year celebration.

Charles Fisher, representing the pro-charter opinion, and Richard Yates, representing opponents of charter government, will respond to questions from regional media representatives during the first hour of the show, he said.

Callers can have their questions answered live for a half-hour starting at 10 p.m., said Mr. Forsythe.

"This is my vision of community television, something that serves the public," he said. "Non-profit, non-commercial, non-regulated access to the community."

Media representatives will be Carolyn Brady of WTTR radio; Robert Little, Carroll County Times; Kerry O'Rourke, The Sun for Carroll County; and Tara Videon, Channel 3 News.

Paul Smith of the Carroll County Communications Guild will be the moderator.

The program will be rebroadcast at noon Saturday, after the regularly scheduled programming, Mr. Forsythe said.

Information: 848-8988.

Board approves 4 farms for preservation

The Carroll commissioners approved four farms yesterday for inclusion in the county's critical farms agricultural preservation program.

Development rights to the farms will cost the county $575,339, said William Powel, Carroll's agricultural land preservation program administrator.

The county will purchase the rights with money that it receives from Carroll's portion of the agricultural transfer tax paid when farm land is sold for development.

Landowners must try to register their property with the state program within five years.

If the farm owners receive the full easement value from the state, they must repay the county fund.

The four farms belong to:

* Richard E. Adkins, 83.8 acres,


* Richard E. Luckenbaugh, 145.06 acres, Taneytown

* Clarence E. Basler, 94.3 acres, Taneytown

* Elizabeth W. Mathias, 93.2 acres, New Windsor.

Planners seek money to print river study

The county Planning Department has asked the commissioners for $1,100 to defray costs for printing copies of the Monocacy Scenic River Study and Management Plan.

The cost of the printing is $9,600. The balance of the money would come from $5,000 allotted by the Frederick County commissioners and a $3,500 Chesapeake Bay Trust grant.

The commissioners will ask Steven D. Powell, the county's budget director, if the money is available.

Planning officials said providing copies of the document are important for the dissemination of information about the river, which divides Frederick and Carroll counties north of Detour.

"We don't have any hesitation that we think it's worth it," said Edmund R. Cueman, the county's planning director.

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