Schmoke denies he'd take post in a Clinton Cabinet


An article in Wednesday's editions of The Sun reported incorrectly that Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke and Hillary Clinton were classmates at Yale Law School. In fact, Mr. Schmoke and Mrs. Clinton met when he was an undergraduate at Yale and she was student at Yale Law School. Mr. Schmoke is a Harvard Law School graduate.

The Sun regrets the error.

At a breakfast meeting of Baltimore ministers yesterday, Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke drew nervous laughter when he announced that he will be with Democrat Bill Clinton in Little Rock, Ark., on Election Day.

Mr. Schmoke's announcement came amid speculation that he could be a contender for a Cabinet post in a Clinton administration.

The speculation has arisen due to several factors: Mr. Schmoke has been a loyal Clinton supporter since the early days of the race, the mayor and Hillary Clinton were Yale Law School classmates and the Clinton campaign invited Schmoke to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

But Mr. Schmoke quickly dashed the rumors.

"It is not my interest nor have I sought to leave this city," he explained to the ministers.

"I am not interested in going to Washington. I'm interested in having a friend in Washington."

Mr. Schmoke's top campaign aide, Larry Gibson, last week denied rumors that the mayor would consider moving on to a bigger job in Washington.

"The mayor has never had an opportunity to operate the city with some real resources and with support from the federal government," Mr. Gibson said.

"He has said he wants to be mayor for the city's bicentennial [in 1996]."

John Spalter, spokesman for the Maryland Clinton campaign, said Mr. Clinton has promised to form a Cabinet that would reflect "an [ethnic] diversity of the country."

But Mr. Spalter said that Mr. Schmoke's presence in Little Rock on Election Day signifies nothing more than that the mayor will be participating in a gathering of national Clinton supporters.

"It's a sign of respect and admiration for Mayor Schmoke," Mr. Spalter said.

"That's all you should read into it. He was one of the first big-city mayors to support the campaign."

City Council President Mary Pat Clarke, who would become mayor should Mr. Schmoke resign, joked that she will take over when the mayor leaves town Tuesday after casting his ballot.

"I'll be here to hold down the polls for him," Ms. Clarke said.

"His trip to Little Rock is a great honor for Baltimore City," the council president added. "It means that if -- no, when -- Clinton wins, our mayor will be right there at hour No. 1 for a new day in America and that means that Baltimore is there."

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