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Arresting officers in the right place at the right time


Two Baltimore County police officers doing follow-up work on a series of holdups along Liberty Road yesterday were in the right place at the right time, following the robbery and slaying at the Farmers Bank in Randallstown.

While the robbery and shootings were being committed a few miles to the east, Officers Andrew Davis and Phillip Crumbacker were showing the photo of a robbery suspect to merchants along the 8100 block of Liberty Road.

"We were stand outside the Golden Dragon restaurant a little after 2 p.m.," said Officer Davis, "when we heard a broadcast describing a gray Toyota Tercel that was wanted for a bank robbery and shooting in Randallstown."

Moments later, a gray Tercel occupied by two men passed the officers at a moderate speed, headed towards the city.

Getting into their unmarked maroon car, Officers Davis and Crumbacker followed the suspect vehicle for some distance, while keeping track of the robbery broadcast and radioing their position.

During the pursuit, according to Officer Davis, the men in the Toyota occasionally looked back at the car following them but never gave any sign they realized it contained two policemen.

"We just drove at a constant speed and acted casual while keeping the communications section aware of what we were doing," Officer Davis said. While they were following, they also requested back-up units, he said.

When the Tercel pulled off the road and stopped next to a convenience store, the officers watched as the occupants discarded clothing in a Dumpster.

The suspects then drove to the side of a bagel shop, where they again discarded clothing in another Dumpster, unaware they were being watched.

When a tactical officer arrived, all three moved in and arrested Louis Hill, 25, of the 300 block of Stevenson Lane in Rodgers Forge, and Benjamin Franklin Boisseau Jr., 23, of the 3100 block of Clifton Ave. in the city, without incident.

In the car, police found a loaded Mac-10 semi-automatic machine pistol and an extra clip containing 30 rounds.

They also found bloodstained gloves and money.

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