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City Bonds Turn Initiatives to Reality


Think about the two new playgrounds at the Grace and St. Peter's School. Or repairs to the Upton Youth Development Center. Or improvements at the Forest Park Senior Center.

Dozens of community projects are funded each year through the city's Neighborhood Incentive Program grants. Combining governmental seed money with community self-help efforts, NIP grants enable Baltimore neighborhoods to move forward with small but important improvements.

NIP projects are among those that would benefit from passage of seven bond questions on the city ballot. The approval of all those questions is important for the continuing well-being of Baltimore City.

QUESTION A is a $12 million community development bond issue that would supplement federal renewal grants, finance repair projects from street lighting and repaving to replanting of trees, stabilize vacant and abandoned properties and make public improvements to support private investment in neighborhood businesses.

QUESTION B is a $1.5 million neighborhood facilities bond issue. The money would finance roof repairs, window replacements, plumbing improvements and heating and air conditioning upgrades in community buildings throughout the city.

QUESTION C is a $12.5 million economic development bond issue. It would complete the city's share of costs at Port Covington Business Park, fund redevelopment of Memorial Stadium and Eastern High School and enable infrastructure improvements of public spaces downtown.

QUESTION D would authorize the city to borrow $1.5 million to continue removing asbestos from city-owned facilities.

QUESTION E would channel $3.5 million toward a major renovation of the pools continuing the Atlantic Coral Reef and Open Ocean exhibits at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

QUESTION F would finance a $500,000 city match toward the renovation of heavily used public swimming pool facilities at Riverside, Clifton and Roosevelt Park pools.

QUESTION G is a $12 million school bond issue. It would be used to replace roofs, remove asbestos, renovate eight schools and enable four schools to purchase major equipment.

QUESTION H would amend the City Charter so that civil service employees could be removed only for cause.

We urge city residents to vote FOR each of these ballot questions on Nov. 3.

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