Cal Sr. isn't appreciatedAs a lifetime Orioles...


Cal Sr. isn't appreciated

As a lifetime Orioles fan, I was both enraged and deeply saddened to learn of their recent decision to demote longtime coach Cal Ripken Sr.

To the casual fan, he was simply the father of two famous players, but to me he personified the game at its deepest roots. His professionalism, knowledge and dedication to the game's fundamentals (we've all seen him hit thousands of fungoes) are almost certainly second to none.

Ripken was treated unfairly in 1988, and, in my opinion, treated no better in 1992. After 36 years of meritorious service in the organization, he rightly deserved better.

Bill Haelig

Reading, Pa.

A ticket to trouble

I wish to express my extreme displeasure regarding how the Orioles handled playoff and World Series tickets.

I am a season-ticket holder (29-game plan) and ordered tickets for two playoff and two World Series games. This was on Sept. 10, and the order form stated that tickets would be mailed on Sept. 30.

I called the Orioles office to inquire about the whereabouts of the tickets (or refund check). In years past, tickets would be printed and mailed, and the customer would exchange them for a refund at a local bank. During my telephone conversation, I was surprised to learn that no tickets had been printed (a cost-cutting measure, I presume). I inquired as to when I could expect to receive my refund check, and was told that I should get it by Nov. 1.

Let's look at some numbers. Assuming 45,000 tickets were sold for all seven games (four playoffs, three World Series) at $30 for the playoffs and $45 for the World Series, this comes to $12,150,000. At 5 percent interest for 45 days, this comes to approximately $75,000 for doing absolutely nothing! If the Eli Jacobs' regime continues to treat customers this way, it won't

be too long before the Golden Goose is killed.

Harlan H. Thacker


Langway losing it

As much as I appreciate the play and temperament of Rod Langway, I believe the Washington Capitals must replace him with a top-quality defenseman if they are going to have a chance to win in the playoffs.

His play reminds me of Tom McMillen's last days with the Atlanta Hawks. Langway's reaction time is much too slow. His checking ends with a lunge or being beaten by most offensive players.

He has had a great career with the Caps, but there is a time when age catches up to you. Langway is overstaying his welcome.

R.D. Bush

Columbia While watching a Sunday afternoon football game my wife came up with a great name for our new NFL team: the Baltimore Blues. The name can be associated with crabs, fish, the bay, and music; i.e. Eubie Blake, Ethel Ennis.

What do you think?

Mark and Joan Balog


NFL's Baltimore Orbits?

My suggestion for the name of our elusive football team is something that starts with the letter "O" (such as the Orbits).

NB Then, we can continue to call the ball yard area "The O-Zone."

Patricia Till

Glen Burnie


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