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MABEL COOK: of Hampstead volunteers two days...


MABEL COOK: of Hampstead volunteers two days a week at the North Carroll Senior Center. She directs and teaches the Christmas crafts workshop, which has been meeting weekly since last February to make items for the Christmas bazaar.

Organization's comments: "She's been a godsend," said senior center Manager Dorothy Houff. "She's very talented. She makes beautiful things. She used to attend craft classes here and she looked so talented that I asked her one day to help with the Christmas bazaar. She's just been wonderful. She buys materials for the ladies to work with and she helps them know what to make.

"And she also crocheted and donated an afghan to the center to be raffled off. That money will go toward materials for the craft program for next year. She's on the go all the time."

Volunteer's comments: "I started teaching all the crafts because we didn't have an arts and crafts teacher for a while. And then I started working on things for the bazaar. Everybody's been admiring what we made.

"My mother was a very good craftsperson and a good seamstress. She made everything out of nothing into something. She could take a piece of material and sew whatever came to her mind. I guess I just picked it up from her."

Background: Mrs. Cook grew up in Montgomery County. She and her husband, Meredith, moved to Hampstead 20 years ago from Dundalk. They have six children and 14 grandchildren, 11 boys and three girls. Mrs. Cook worked at Maryland Cup Co. for 10 years. Mrs. Cook's sisters are also talented artisans, and they often share ideas for projects.

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