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Lack of money delays planning for downtown Taneytown face lift


Planning a renovation of downtown Taneytown have been delayed because the money is not available, said Neal Powell, the former city manager who has worked on the proposed project.

Mr. Powell said the "Taneytown 2000" committee will be inactive until spring, when options for getting money will be discussed.

"We will move forward with the plans, but right now we have to face reality," Mr. Powell said. "We are inactive at the moment, but we're not giving up."

More than six months ago, the committee proposed a feasibility study of the downtown area to determine how much work would be needed to renovate it.

Plans include taking down overhead wires, putting in street lights, and planting trees along Route 140 (Baltimore Street) from

the railroad

tracks west to Church Street and for an unspecified distance in ** both directions on York and Frederick streets (Route 194).

But the city lacks money for the feasibility study, Mr. Powell said. Officials had hoped to use results from the study in applying for grants from state and federal agencies involved with small-town renovation projects, he said. The panel also will seek local money for the project, he said.

"We would get our money from the city, and I don't think the City Council [members] feel they are in the position to commit to the funds," Mr. Powell said.

The Taneytown 2000 committee was formed 18 months ago to further the interests of and improve the quality of life in Taneytown, said Mr. Powell.

Renovating the downtown area is the panel's first project. Other towns in Carroll that renovated their central areas gave the committee inspiration, Mr. Powell said.

"Emmitsburg presents an example of what can be done to beautify the downtown are," he said. "But as I understand it, there was more funding available . . ."

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