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25 Years Ago (week of Oct. 15-21,...


25 Years Ago (week of Oct. 15-21, 1967):

* A large number of Highland residents attended a meeting of the Board of County Commissioners this week to speak their minds on the subject of a proposed liquor store in the Highland area. One resident in favor of the store argued that currently the nearest liquor emporium was five miles away. A dissenter countered with the logic that there was no barber shop in Highland, either, but that people were not "running around with long hair." No decision regarding the granting of the liquor license was reached at the meeting.

* Lisbon Chrysler-Plymouth was awarded the bid for providing nine new police cruisers to the Howard County Police Department. The winning bid was $18,506. It was also the only bid which met all of the police department's specifications. 50 Years Ago (week of Oct. 18-24, 1942):

* The "Battle of Clarksville" was staged this week as more than 200 Howard County Minutemen skirmished with 50 "enemy" State Guard troops in a military exercise. The scenario consisted of "enemy" troops invading the area and initiating an "assault" on Clarksville. At the end of the 2 1/2 -hour exercise, the Minutemen were declared the victors.

* Five Baltimore residents allegedly started a "riot" on Frederick Road, west of Ellicott City Friday night. A county police officer and a state trooper were attacked in the melee. The trouble resulted from an argument at the scene of a minor traffic accident. When an off-duty police officer appeared on the scene plain clothes, his right to investigate the proceedings was questioned, and he was hit by one of the participants in the incident. When a state trooper arrived on the scene, he, too, was struck. Local residents then became involved, and assisted the officers in subduing and handcuffing the "rioters."

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