No Term Limits For County CouncilI oppose...


No Term Limits For County Council

I oppose term limitations for members of the Howard County Council. Term limitations will create "lame duck" council members for four years. The last thing Howard County needs are elected officials who are not accountable to the citizen voters of this county.

There is no need to automatically eliminate council members whose records indicate that they have not taken our best interests seriously. It's foolish to deprive ourselves of their talents and experience.

The U.S. Constitution already gives us the power to "limit terms" of those politicians we consider to be unacceptable through our right to vote. Let's keep control of the council through the ballot box.

Betty J. Harries


Voters' Rights

I consider it my right and responsibility to vote. I encourage other people to do the same. Elected officials, particularly council members, are held accountable by the power of the ballot box. It is the responsibility of the citizen to keep informed about the activities of their elected officials. Term limitations imply an abdication by the citizen of this responsibility. The voter already has control of term limits: It's called voting.

Sarah McKinnon


Vet for Clinton

Yes, I too feel sorry for George Bush. But I am supporting the Clinton-Gore ticket.

As a Vietnam veteran, I take exception to a World War II vet telling me to suspect Bill Clinton's patriot ism. How stupid does Bush think I am? Clinton's opposition to the Vietnam War was the prevailing sentiment of that time. Even Richard Nixon ran promising to quickly end that unpopular war. Remember, it was the Democrats' war!

I share Bill Clinton's opinion because I was there in Vietnam. I experienced first-hand the absurdity of that war, seeing the overkill in troops and material and the devastation totally out of proportion to the size and strategic value of that rural country.

Vietnam was a political war that got out of hand. We engaged the Soviet's communist "puppets" as a way of proving our nation's "manhood"; our resolve to stand up to communism's expansion. We failed to pacify Vietnam and, in the end, were forced to run like hell, as a result of the contradictory and devious policies of the Nixon-Kissinger regime.

As a guy serving in-country and the oldest of four boys, I remember imploring my mother to do whatever to keep my younger brothers out of the war. . . . As a Vietnam veteran, I look forward to a new sense of mission for Americans; one in which we all work together to end the suffering in this world brought about by man's actions either political or economic. As a Vietnam veteran, I look forward to actively working to mend my "Vietnam syndrome" by helping to abate the suffering of the many Vietnamese people who helped us as they hoped for democracy, a better life, and who believed us when we said: "We will never abandon you."

As a Vietnam veteran, I ask you to support the Clinton-Gore team also. We can all feel sorry for Bush after the election.

Guy W. Hager

Ellicott City

Useless Credit

President George Bush outlines a proposal that would increase homeownership through a $5,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers. It would seem that the president would give families $5,000 to buy a new home. In actuality, families do not get much at all.

In order to take advantage of a tax credit, a family must first owe taxes. Unlike a tax deduction that reduces a family's taxable income, a tax credit is used to pay the tax bill directly. This means in order to receive the $5,000, the family had to owe $5,000 in taxes. Generally, low- to moderate-income families pay nowhere near $5,000 in taxes, so the monetary benefits of this tax credit would be small or useless.

The president who proposed this program never really addresses how the government will pay for this housing policy. . . . President Bush is using tax credits to fool constituents into believing he will not be spending taxes, when he is actually going to spend quite a bit of our tax revenues.

Lilah Haxton


Local Sports

This letter is in response to the newest and latest addition to your paper, the daily Howard County section. I commend your efforts to make the paper more personal, and reporting the news that has happened right around us. I also like the addition because now, hopefully, there will be daily sports coverage on the Howard County scores. And I think I speak for most people that play sports in Howard County, we will be happy to be able to see how our team and other teams are doing in the county every day.

David Hudson

Ellicott City

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