From The Sun Oct. 25-31, 1842Oct. 26:...

From The Sun Oct. 25-31, 1842

Oct. 26: On Monday last some scoundrel placed a stone upon the rails of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, near the North Mountain Cut, which was unobserved by the engineer until too late to stop the locomotive. It is a pity that the author of this accident, causing the death of a worthy man, could not be discovered. He deserves the gallows.


Oct. 27: The Hon. John C. Spencer, Secretary of War, yesterday visited Fort McHenry and reviewed the troops stationed there.

From The Sun Oct. 25-31, 1892


Oct. 27: Mr. Herman Bunde of Baltimore won a piano in a bicycle race on the Lancaster Pike, near Philadelphia, last Monday. He rode 20 miles in 58 minutes and 15 seconds.

Oct. 29: The woods south of Merryman's Lane, near Lehigh Road, were on fire yesterday afternoon.

From The Sun Oct. 25-31, 1942

Oct. 25: Paul B. Mules, a Baltimore attorney, in a statement issued last night asked Theodore R. McKeldin, Republican Gubernatorial candidate, "to quit and shut up."

Oct. 28: Collection of silk and nylon hosiery to supply the quantities of these materials needed for war production will begin Nov. 16, it was revealed yesterday.

Oct. 31: Tickets for "This Is the Army" were sold out by 10 o'clock yesterday, the army box office taking in $50,000 in the two days that tickets for the one week engagement were on sale