Move means more here can hear 'Greaseman'


The "Greaseman," Washington's outrageous disc jockey whose morning show can be tuned in only by some Baltimore-area fans, will leave DC-101 (WWDC-FM, 101.1) for a Los Angeles radio station at the end of this year. But the move means more Baltimore listeners will eventually be able to hear the Greaseman's satirical, scatological shtick: His new carrier is Infinity Broadcasting, the network whose programming is heard here on WJFK-AM (1300).

Andy Rice, promotions manager for WJFK-AM (106.7), the Fairfax-based station whose daily fare is simulcast on Baltimore's WJFK, confirmed the Greaseman -- whose real name is Doug Tracht -- would be heard across the Infinity network, including a station in Philadelphia.

Schedules and a start date are not yet firm. But the Greaseman probably will be heard in afternoon drive-time hours here, following the mid-afternoon show of Don Geronimo and Mike O'Meara. Infinity also carries DJ Howard Stern, whose show airs here during morning drive-time.

Mr. Tracht, 42, has been with DC-101 since 1982.

The Greaseman has a following of undeterminable size among Baltimore listeners, but the station's signal is received with only mixed quality in much of this area.

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