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Lots of band for the buck

These days, what passes for rock-and-roll idealism often amounts to little more than guys in $300 snakeskin boots prattling on about how they're worried about the environment. Thankfully there are still a few bands left that are as committed to their ideals as Fugazi. Adamantly anti-commercial and fiercely independent, Fugazi is one of the few bands around that genuinely cares less about money than about its music and its fans. That's why the group likes to play benefits like tomorrow's Maryland For Choice benefit at Steelworkers Hall in Dundalk, why it insists that tickets be kept affordable ($5 for this show), and why the mosh pit is full whenever they appear. Show time is 7:30 p.m. Call (410) 467-8683 for details. "A River Runs Through It" is Robert Redford's take on Norman Maclean's short novel of fly-fishing and dysfunctional family life. You could probably read the book in less time than it takes to see the movie, and with more emotional impact, but the film still has a number of delights. Chiefly, it documents the glories of fly-fishing, and as long as the battlin' Maclean brothers are hunting the wily trout, it's pretty impressive. Redford is on much less stable ground when he comes out of the water, and the story meanders episodically without achieving true force.

Stephen Hunter NBC pulled "In The Line of Duty: Street War" last spring in the wake of the Los Angeles riots, out of what it termed a "need to be sensitive to particular themes and images." The film about urban violence airs Sunday night at 9 on WMAR (Channel 2). Ray Sharkey, Peter Boyle, Mario Van Peebles and Morris Chestnut make for one of the more impressive made-for-TV movie casts of the fall.

David Zurawik

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