WHAT SORTS OF stories were Baltimoreans reading...


WHAT SORTS OF stories were Baltimoreans reading 100 years ago?

Here are some of the stories that could be found in The Sun in the fall of 1892.


"The notorious band of outlaws exterminated in Kansas. A terrible fight at Coffeyville. Four citizens shot dead and one fatally wounded by the outlaws. A remarkable career of crime -- cousins of the James Boys -- supposed to have stolen $300,000."

"CHICKENS have been acting as gold collectors for J.A. McConville of Butte, Mont. In one chicken's crop and gizzard he found gold nuggets. He therefore killed the remainder of his brood, 31 in number, and found in them gold to the amount of $387."


"Chicago -- Certain Chicago patrons of athletics are said to be interested in the organization of a professional foot-ball league. Their idea is that the game can be made to take the place of base-ball in public favor. This scheme, it is alleged, is to be backed financially by wealthy members of the university clubs. . ."


A doctor's body decked

with jewelry kept in a parlor.

"Cordele, Ga. -- The embalmed body of a man, upright in a glass-faced metallic coffin, holding a gold beaded cane in the hand and with a profusion of diamonds and other jewelry, decorates the parlor of Mrs. George W. Marvin's residence in this town. The embalmed body is that of her husband, who died on the tenth day of last July. Dr. Marvin was the wealthiest man in Cordele. He was president of the bank. . ."


"CAME to my premises. . . A RED AND WHITE COW. Owner can have it by coming forward, paying charges, and taking it away."


"Then have it photographed at the LONDON STUDIO. . . Cabinets, any style or position, $1.50/dozen."

And, finally, from the front page:

L A subscription to The Sun was advertised at 12 cents a week.

* * *

THAT BIBLE of East Asian investors, the Far Eastern Economic Review, has done a survey of the cost of the good life in leading capitals of Asia.

A bottle of French cognac ranges from a low of $59.45 in Bangkok to a high of $434 in Seoul. A McDonald's quarter-pounder, on the other hand, can be had for as little as $1 in Hong Kong or as much as $3.05 in Tokyo.

A 1992 Lexus is only $46,350 in Tokyo but $271,000 in New Delhi. An 18-hole round of golf, however, can be played for only $11.90 in Manila but for $145 in Tokyo.

You can find an English language newspaper for five cents in Beijing or $1.30 in Tokyo or Hong Kong, and never mind what it says.

And the issue of the weekly magazine containing this advice cost $4 in Washington and Hanoi.

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