Enrollment at CCC less than projected


Enrollment figures at Carroll Community College are up slightly, but not as much as the financial office had budgeted for, according to the college's finance director.

"One year of this is not significant," said Alan Schuman, the finance director, after meeting with the college's advisory board Wednesday.

"The question is, is this an aberration caused by the recession, or a trend? We believe it's an aberration."

Mr. Schuman said he subtracted $70,000 from the budget to account for the loss in tuition and a reduction in state funding, which is based on enrollment.

He said the reductions were necessary because the college's enrollment increased only 2 percent this fall, after officials anticipated a 10 percent increase.

"On the other hand, we didn't have to incur as much expense," he said.

The college has frozen several positions in anticipation of cuts that could total $459,372 of the college's $6 million budget by the end of June.

Some financial relief will come next year when the college expects to be recognized as an independent institution. Currently, it remains a branch of Catonsville Community College.

Independence will qualify it for about $1 million more per year, said Executive Dean Joseph F. Shields.

He said presidents of the other 17 community colleges in the state met with him Friday and said they support Carroll's independence but don't want the million dollars to come out of their pockets.

"It would be a significant amount for the other colleges to lose," Dr. Shields said.

"We want the money we're entitled to," he said. "On the other hand, I don't want to hurt any of the other colleges. It's an issue the state will have to resolve."

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