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Four women setting out to ski across Antarctica, without dogsleds


ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Four women plan to go where no women have gone before -- on a 1,500-mile journey across Antarctica.

The American Women's Trans-Antarctica Expedition leaves ,X Sunday on a journey on which they'll ski for four months across the continent, pulling sleds of food and supplies. The wind will be up to 100 mph, with temperatures dipping to 50 below zero.

"The challenge is whether we can ski across this thing [without dogsleds] and pull it off, make this distance when no women have done this," expedition leader Ann Bancroft said.

Bancroft, 35, is a former physical education and special education teacher from St. Paul. She was the first woman to travel on foot to the North Pole with the 1986 Will Steger International Polar Expedition.

The other three expedition members are Sue Giller, 44, of Boulder, Colo.; Anne Dal Vera, 37, of Fort Collins, Colo., and Sunniva Sorby, 31, of San Diego, Calif.

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