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Affordable housing plan put on hold by council

The County Council has agreed to put off considering a program that would give 13 surplus lots to developers who agree to build affordable housing for first-time buyers, after a group of Severn homeowners expressed concern about its effect on their property values.

The Venture Housing Program has designated six lots for the program in the Ridgeway neighborhood, which caused protests among homeowners on Beverly Road. Kathy Koch, an administrator in the office of Planning and Zoning, met with residents Saturday and will meet with them again before the matter comes up before the council on Nov. 2.

Martin P. Nowakowski, representing the homeowners, told the council Monday night that the land had been vacant for 15 years, and local residents were never able to get a clear answer from the county as to who owned it.

"So how did the county suddenly purchase it, and why now is it going to be developed in this manner?" Mr. Nowakowski asked.

Residents also objected that homes would be built on quarter-acre lots on a street with much larger homes.

"The value of the homes is going to be affected," Mr. Nowakowski said. "How could you not affect it if you are going to line the street in front of them with smaller houses?"

Pizza delivery man robbed at gunpoint

A pizza delivery man was robbed Monday night by a man who stopped his car on Mandary Road, county police reported.

Investigators said the robber ran out in front of the delivery man's car, forcing him to stop, and pointed a gun through the driver's side window at 9:40 p.m. He demanded money.


* Severn: Someone stole a car phone and other property from a 1982 Dodge that was parked in the 7800 block of Citadel Drive Saturday.

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