Paul D'Ortona, 88, an Italian immigrant who...


Paul D'Ortona, 88, an Italian immigrant who became one of Philadelphia's most powerful politicians, died Saturday. Mr. Ortona served on the City Council from 1951 until 1973 and was council president for 10 of those years. He worked to build schools, libraries and recreation centers, often sparring with then-Mayor James H. J. Tate, who wanted more money for the city's central business district.

* Harriet Eleanor Griffiths, 71, a retired reporter and editor who worked for the Washington Star from the early 1940s until it closed in 1981, died Saturday. Ms. Griffiths joined what was then the Evening Star during World War II, when editors all over the country began relying on women to cover the news. She later taught at the Washington news bureau run by Northwestern Uni- versity's Medill School of Journalism.

* Nancy Jefferson, 69, a community activist who battled the construction of a Chicago sports arena until new homes were promised for displaced residents, died Sunday of lung cancer. The hockey and basketball arena on the city's West Side is now under construction, along with the replacement housing for residents of 43 buildings. She was executive director of the Midwest Community Council from 1963 to 1986, then was named chairman and chief executive officer.

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