Scenic drives, fund drives and best pies


Pieces of column too short to use . . .

Bumper sticker spotted on rear of pickup truck in Carroll County: "My Kid Beat Up Your Honor Student."

Recommended: The soft crabs at the Blue Channel Inn, Arnold; the barbecued shrimp wrapped in bacon at Turner's, Cross Street, Baltimore; the blackberry pie, when available, from Baugher's, Westminster; a foliage-appreciation trip up Falls Road, to Mount Carmel Road, with a stop at The Snoopery, topping the day off with a cup of cider at Armacost Farms Orchard, Upperco.

City scene: Couple of guys are sitting over beers in a bar at Broadway and Fleet. The TV set is on, blaring away with the evening news. A TV camera pans across City Hall Plaza, filling the screen with a grand image of Baltimore's impressive City Hall. One of the guys looks up from his beer. "Say," he wonders, "what's that? The Belvedere?"

When the news from state government is good, or merely routine, William Donald Schaefer likes to make the announcement. Hey, if you were governor, you'd want your name attached to all the good stuff, too. Here are three examples of opening lines from press releases distributed over the summer:

"Gov. William Donald Schaefer announced today that the Department of Natural Resources, Forestry Division, will be selling seedlings this spring all across the nation from the state tree, the Wye Oak. . . ."

"Gov. William Donald Schaefer announced today the 1992 wildlife habitat improvement program sign-up was again every successful. . . ."

"Gov. William Donald Schaefer announced today the appointment of Charles T. Howes of Dunkirk, Md., as deputy superintendent of the Maryland Natural Resources Police. . . ."

But here's another DNR press release that, for some mysterious reason, did not bear the governor's name: "Beginning Oct. 1, 1992, Savage River and Potomac/Garrett State Forests, located in Garrett County, will charge $2 for regular campsites and $5 for group sites, according to Steve Hamilton, manager of Potomac/Garrett State Forest."

Steve Hamilton for Governor!

Somebody please tell the guy who put together the state's official calendar of events that, last time I checked, the "Willard Tawes Museum at Crisfield" had been renamed the Millard Tawes Museum. Got that? By the way, the museum honoring the late Maryland governor is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., seven days a week.

Kudos to the seniors at the Waxter Center. Almost 900 of them contributed more than $17,000 to the center's foundation during the annual appeal. The foundation supports activities at the center and programs that, in these days of budget deficits, would go unfunded. The impressive thing is that a third of Waxter Center members, most of them low-income retirees, contributed to the appeal, with the average contribution about $19. "A remarkable figure considering the economic status of most of the Waxter members," writes N. Lark Schulze, Baltimore attorney and a member of the center's board of directors. "When asked what motivated their gifts, one member said she remembered when there was no place for older people to go. Another recalled the attention his mother had received at the Waxter Center. The commitment of low-income seniors to their city and to their fellow senior citizens is a welcome antidote to the seemingly unending stories about the alleged decline of the city, abuses of the welfare system and unrelenting violence." Amen.

When employees of the state Department of the Environment gathered for the kick-off of their 1992 United Charity Campaign, a number of door prizes were handed out. Tom Ferguson, a public health radiation therapist, was thrilled with his -- a door. (Actually, it was one of those miniature sample doors you see in building supply stores; watch for it at Tom's yard sale.)

According to the Genuine Yellow Pages, there are two No. 1 Chinese restaurants in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area -- one on the west side of Baltimore, the other in Severna Park, and they are not related. My question is: Is there room for two No. 1s? You tell me.

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