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Commissioners ask to review tree ordinance Staff will make suggested changes


The Carroll County commissioners have asked to review a proposed forest conservation ordinance again after staffers make revisions that have been suggested.

Yesterday, staff members and representatives from the Carroll Home Builders Association met with the commissioners to discuss comments about the ordinance that were made at recent public meetings.

The ordinance must be passed by Dec. 31.

Commissioner Donald I. Dell said he would like the concerns of homebuilders to be addressed.

Yesterday, staffers discussed technical points of the ordinance, including when final approval for a forestation plan will be given, penalties for cutting down certain types of trees and the implementation time for reforesting a property.

Martin K.P. Hill, a Manchester developer, said the implementation time as written now in the proposed ordinance is impractical.

Assistant County Attorney Michelle Ostrander said the county must have a time limit on when trees are planted.

James E. Slater Jr., director of the Office of Environmental Services, said the county could require that a developer plant the trees one year or two growing seasons after the county has given approval for the sediment-control equipment to be removed for each phase of a project. Mr. Hill said that requirement would be "workable."

In part, the proposed ordinance would require that builders who disturb 25,000 square feet or more of land develop a reforestation plan to replace trees cut down and tend to them for about two years.

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