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Couple files suit over escapee horse Wife claims injury when animal hit car


An Upper Marlboro couple has filed a quarter-million dollar suit in Circuit Court alleging the wife was injured when a horse that had escaped from a corral jumped onto her car as she was driving through southern Anne Arundel County.

Alfreda Adams said she was driving north with her infant daughter Amber along the 4500 block of Solomons Island Road in Harwood about 8:50 p.m. Dec. 18 when a horse jumped on top of her car.

Mrs. Adams came to an immediate stop, but the horse damaged the hood, windshield and roof of the car and caused Mrs. Adams "irreparable pain and suffering," according to the suit.

The suit, filed Friday by Mrs. Adams and her husband, Kermit J. Adams, seeks $250,000 in compensation -- $200,000 for negligence and $50,000 for loss of consortium between the couple.

The suit alleges that the "dark-colored" horse was allowed to wander loose along the dimly lighted roadway, creating a dangerous situation for any passing motorist.

The suit names as defendants William Rosenberg and his mother, Juanita Rosenberg, of the 4500 block of Solomons Island Road.

Mrs. Rosenberg declined to comment on any particulars of the suit, but did say that she and her son are sorry the incident happened, and that they were made aware of the possibility of legal action by their homeowner's insurance company.

John E. Beckman Jr., attorney for the plaintiffs, said Mrs. Adams is a principal at an Upper Marlboro elementary school. He said she had just picked up her daughter from a baby sitter's house and was on her way home when the accident occurred.

"It's a dark road, there are no street lights, and the horse was dark-colored, so it was extremely hard for her to see anything," Mr. Beckman said. "The horse was on the side of the road and for some reason it jumped up onto the top of the car."

The child was not seriously injured, but Mrs. Adams suffered cuts on her hands from the shattered glass of the windshield, Mr. Beckman said. The car, a gold four-door Chrysler LeBaron, was totaled, he said, adding the horse had to be destroyed.

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