Montana father extradited Arundel police charge man with incest, abuse

Anne Arundel County police have charged a 50-year-old Montana man with incest and child abuse after his adult daughters claimed that he molested both of them from the time they were 5 years old until they were 18. Part of that time they lived in Glen Burnie.

Sheriff's deputies in Flathead County, Mont., arrested the man Thursday after a six-hour standoff at his home in Bigfork. He was extradited Saturday to Anne Arundel County, where he is being held on $500,000 bond at the Detention Center. He is charged with two counts of incest, two counts of physical child abuse and two counts of battery.


The man denied each of the charges during a bail review hearing yesterday.

According to investigators here, his 30-year-old daughter, who lives in Montana, told authorities there in August that her father abused her and her sister.


Some of the abuse allegedly occurred while the girls lived with him in Glen Burnie between 1981 and 1983, said Anne Arundel County police Sgt. Robert Tice, head of the Child Abuse Unit.

Sheriff's deputies in Montana later contacted police in Mississippi, where the second daughter, now 28, lives. She gave authorities there a statement that was very similar in detail to the one her sister gave, Sergeant Tice said.

All of the information was forwarded to Anne Arundel County because most of the alleged abuse happened in Glen Burnie and because Maryland has no statute of limitations on such crimes, he said. Montana's statute of limitations prevented authorities there from charging the man.

"They said if we could charge him, they would bring him to us," Sergeant Tice said.

The allegations involve "sexual intercourse with his daughters in a coercive situation," he added.

"It leaves you speechless. The statements from those girls were amazing."

The man, a former sheriff's deputy, barricaded himself in his home and threatened to commit suicide when deputies arrived to arrest him, said Flathead County Undersheriff Chuck Curry. "At no time did he threaten the officers."

Deputies established phone contact with the man and allowed him to speak to a psychiatrist he had been seeing. He surrendered after six hours and without further incident, Sergeant Tice said.


Meanwhile, the sergeant said, police are investigating new allegations from other family members who live in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Sergeant Tice said the women leveled the charges after years of counseling.