Numbers* Best day passing: Steve Young, San...



* Best day passing: Steve Young, San Francisco, 18-28-1, 399 yards, 3 TDs

* Best day rushing: Rod Bernstine, Indianapolis, 23 carries, 150 yards, 2 TDs

* Best day receiving: Jerry Rice, San Francisco, 7 catches, 183 yards, 2 TDs

* Longest TD passing: Jim Harbaugh, Chicago, 83 yards to Anthony Morgan

* Longest TD rushing: Gaston Green, Denver, 67 yards

* Longest field goal: Jeff Jaeger, L.A. Raiders, 53 yards

* Most field goals: 3, Chip Lohmiller, Washington, 18, 21 and 28 yards

300-yard passers

* Steve Young, San Francisco, 18-28-0, 399 yards, 3 TDs

* Bobby Hebert, New Orleans, 19-26-1, 355 yards, 3 TDs

* Warren Moon, Houston, 23-39-1, 321 yards, 2 TDs

* Jeff George, Indianapolis, 27-39-2, 318 yards, 2 TDs

* Jim Harbaugh, Chicago, 13-26-1, 304 yards, 2 TDs

100-yard rushers

* Rod Bernstine, Ind., 23 carries, 150 yards, 2 TDs

* Cleveland Gary, L.A. Rams, 31 carries, 126 yards, 2TDs

* Reggie Cobb, Tampa Bay, 24 carries, 109 yards, 1 TD

100-yard receivers

* Jerry Rice, San Francisco, 7 catches, 183 yards, 2 TDs

* Eric Martin, New Orleans, 8 catches, 151 yards, 1 TD

* Curtis Duncan, Houston, 5 catches, 133 yards

* Jessie Hester, Indianapolis, 9 catches, 126 yards

* Tom Waddle, Chicago, 3 catches, 114 yards

* Courtney Hawkins, T.B., 5 catches, 102 yards, 1 TD

* Willie Davis, Kansas City, 6 catches, 100 yards

Records, streaks and milestones

* Houston QB Warren Moon became the most prolific passer in pro football history, throwing for 321 yards in a loss to Denver, giving him 50,589 yards for his 15-year career, eclipsing the record of 50,535 set in 19 seasons by Ron Lancaster, who played from 1960-78 for Ottawa and Saskatchewan of the Canadian Football League. Moon had 21,228 yards in the CFL and now has 29,361 in the NFL

* Miami QB Dan Marino passed for four touchdowns, his first game with four or more touchdown passes since 1988, but the 17th of his career, tying John Unitas' NFL record.

* Philadelphia QB Randall Cunningham had 39 yards rushing against Washington, giving him 3,683 and breaking Fran Tarkenton's career total for a quarterback by 9 yards.

* Raiders RB Eric Dickerson had 24 yards on nine carries to move ahead of Tony Dorsett into second place on the NFL's rushing list with 12,749 yards, behind Walter Payton's 16,726.

* Morten Andersen's 52-yard field goal for New Orleans gave him 1,001 career points. The kick, his 20th over 50 yards, also moved him ahead of Kansas City's Nick Lowery for the all-time lead in field goals of 50 yards and over.

They said it

* "You have to give the defense credit. They're big, strong players, and they've played me eight years, and they know my style." Philadelphia QB Randall Cunningham, of the Redskin defense.

* "I believe you can take things with class and dignity, even though I felt like an outcast and a leper." Dallas S Ray Horton, who made a key interception against Kansas City after having lost his starting job.

* "That was the first time I was an eligible receiver. As much pressure that there was on me to catch it, I wouldn't have dropped it if it were 20 feet over my head." Indianapolis William Schultz, who scored on a tackle-eligible play after lining up as a tight end.

* "They shouted every name in the book. They do have quite a vocabulary here in Chicago." Tampa Bay coach Sam Wyche, object of some abuse by fans behind the Bucs bench at Soldier Field.

* "What choice did he have? You can play in your first World Series or you can come and get abused by Jerry Rice." 49ers tight end Brent Jones, on the fact that Deion Sanders was missing from the Falcons lineup, playing instead for the Atlanta Braves.

Catching up

San Francisco's Jerry Rice, frustrated by the fact that he had only two touchdown receptions this season, compared to nine and eight at this point in previous seasons, made up for lost time yesterday.

He scored on two receptions -- an 80-yarder, a 40-yarder -- and on a 26-yard reverse.

"It was almost like being chased by the police," he said of the second touchdown. "I was so determined to get into the end zone, I felt a defender grab my shoulder pads and I fought my way in."

Rice has 97 receiving touchdowns and five rushing touchdowns -- just the eighth player in NFL history with 100 or more touchdowns.

The others are Jim Brown (126), Walter Payton (125), John Riggins (116), Lenny Moore (113), Don Hutson (105), Steve Largent (101) and Franco Harris (100).

Come on over to my place

Dallas owner Jerry Jones extended the ultimate invitation to Kansas City owner Lamar Hunt before yesterday's game. He asked Hunt and his family to join him in his personal Texas Stadium suite.

Jones went to Hunt for advice when he was trying to buy an NFL franchise and didn't forget his help.

"Still, I wanted to send him home crying," Jones said. The Cowboys did with a 17-10 victory.

Well, that didn't work

What's a coach to do when his team has been outscored 40-17 in third quarters this season? Why, practice the halftime routine, of course.

And that's just what Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Sam Wyche did this week in practice. He had his players take a 12-minute break between two simulated 30-minute halves. Wyche had his charges practice their halftime routine, right down to the blackboards and orange slices.

He said he learned from it that the players spent too much time hanging around and doing nothing during the halftime break.

Yesterday against Chicago, the Bucs came out after halftime and did nothing. They scored no points in the third quarter and were outscored 17-7 in the second half, losing to the Bears, 31-14.

He tells no secrets

If Mike Tomczak thinks he carried any special secrets from Green Bay to Cleveland, he's probably wrong. And he knows it.

"The game is pretty technical now," Tomczak said before his Browns beat the Packers. "They have computerized breakouts. Sometimes the computer is more knowledgeable than I am."

Tomczak ended last season as the Packers starting quarterback and started this week for Cleveland because of injuries to Bernie Kosar and Todd Philcox.

"If he comes in and picks up on what we're doing, then he should be here," Packers QB Brett Favre said, "because we're having a hard time doing what we're doing."

Banana, banna, bo, bana

* It was a family affair . . . TE Keith Jennings of the Bears and his brother, RB Stanford Jennings of the Buccaneers, were in an NFL game together for the first time. And LB Mike Singletary of the Bears and his nephew, LB Broderick Thomas of the Buccaneers, faced each other yesterday.

* And a same name game in the same game . . . there was S Mark Carrier of the Bears and receiver Mark Carrier of the Buccaneers, and a pair of Tim Ryans, a defensive tackle for the Bears and an offensive guard for the Buccaneers.


It was a somber Tampa Bay locker room yesterday, but not because of the team's 31-14 loss to the Bears.

The Bucs found out in the third quarter that Annie Armstrong, 51, mother of rookie tight end Tyji Armstrong, had a massive heart attack while sitting in the stands. Tyji, who immediately left the field, was driven to nearby Mercy Hospital, where his mother died within the hour.

"I'm thinking about Tyji right now, not the game," said linebacker Broderick Thomas.

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