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Council will vote on cable TV stock transfer


The Howard County Council will hold a legislative session tonight after its 8 o'clock public hearing to vote on a cable television stock transfer and on nominees to two boards.

The council is expected to approve the transfer of a large block of Howard Cable Television stock to a new shareholder, confirm the appointment of Richard Pettingill to the Economic Development Advisory Council, and sustain the nomination of Andrew Farkas to the Public Transportation Board.

The council was to have voted on the nominations of Mr. Pettingill and Mr. Farkas at its regular legislative session Oct. 5, but both men were unable to attend their scheduled confirmation hearing. It is council policy to table action on first-time nominees until they have been interviewed in a public hearing.

A hearing for Mr. Farkas and Mr. Pettingill is scheduled before this evening's final vote.

The council will also hear testimony on the nominations of Barry Schiffer to the Cable Advisory Committee, and Bonnie L. Compton and Susan Allen Daddio to the Social Services Board.

Bernice C. Ammon and Lillian Mulherin are being renominated to serve on the Commission for Women.

Among other legislation that will be aired before the council tonight are a resolution to increase the cap on the amount of county funds the finance director may put in an investment pool, a resolution increasing the size of the Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board, and a resolution endorsing a new housing project for the elderly in the Village of Owen Brown.

Owen Brown II limited partnership wants the council to endorse its plans to build 104 rental units next to Owen Brown Place in Columbia.

Ten percent of the new units would be reserved for low-income tenants. Ninety percent would be reserved for moderate-income tenants.

The partnership needs the council's endorsement to qualify for a loan of $800,000 from the Community Development Council and for $2 million in tax exempt state bonds.

The Alcohol and Advisory Board resolution would add eight new members -- two ex officio members, a member of an advocacy group, a representative of a college or university, a student member and three more members from the general public.

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