Bohanan excels as link, linguist Versatile senior is talk at Friends


Senior Heather Bohanan will accumulate 12 varsity letters by the time she graduates from Friends School in June.

She is a goalie for the lacrosse team, a point guard on thbasketball team and plays at the link position for the Quakers' field hockey team (3-1-1).

"At link she is involved in as many plays as possible," saiFriends coach Carol Samuels. "She has a very versatile repertoire of skills. She can lift it, drive it, and she has really good ball control."

The most noticeable facet of Bohanan's skills is ball control, ashe whisks it away from opponents and dribbles toward the goal.

In addition to being a versatile athlete, Bohanan steadily is becoming a multilingual world traveler. She has participated in an exchange program with the former Soviet Union and plans to go on a class trip to Mexico next spring.

"Languages have always been an easier subject for me," said Bohanan, who is in her fourth year of Russian and third year of Spanish. "I want to travel a lot and maybe one day go back to learning] French. I'd like to take Japanese, German and maybe Italian."

Her interest in foreign languages and cultures began in thfourth grade, when she did a report on Russia.

"I remember there used to be commercials on TV that said that Russian wasn't our friend at that time," Bohanan said. "I thought to myself, '[Russians] can't be that bad.' "

Bohanan said her month in Russia was helpful in picking up common language expressions and she found a sort of Southern hospitality among the Russian people.

Bohanan's interest in field hockey developed a few years after her initial interest in the Soviet Union as a seventh-grader at St. Paul's School for Girls.

"I loved it right away, the whole thrill of the sport," she said. "AnI love hearing the bang of the ball against the backboard [in the back of the goal]."

Bohanan came to Friends her freshman year because of the opportunity to go to a co-ed school and the Russian program.

Since her arrival at Friends, Bohanan has felt at home playing link because "I'm a very aggressive person and I love to play offense. Nothing beats scoring."

In Tuesday's Association of Independent Schools game against St. Paul's, Bohanan scored the Quakers' first goal off a penalty stroke and assisted on the second goal in the Quakers' 2-0 win over the Gators.

Bohanan has two goals and two assists on the season for Friends and would like to end her final season with an AIS championship. Last year, Friends and Roland Park were co-champions.

"It would be nice to have it all to ourselves, and kind of hog it," Bohanan said, smiling.

She also feels with a few weeks left in the season, there are adjustments to be made in her game.

"Hopefully this is not only my year to shine," she said, "but my year to improve."

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