Rudys' 2900,Rudys' 2900, 2900 Baltimore Blvd., Finksburg,...


Rudys' 2900,

Rudys' 2900, 2900 Baltimore Blvd., Finksburg, (410) 833-5777. When Rudys' first opened, the food was Continental with a German accent -- dishes literally dripping with calories. Now a third of the main courses are designated "heart healthy." And these are dishes that have as much appeal as the tournedos in Madeira cream or the pork chop with fennel-flavored sausage. You could have instead veal scaloppine with artichoke hearts or Cornish game hen and tomato herb couscous -- and feel virtuous without sacrificing an ounce of pleasure. All in all, we had a good meal there. Not wildly creative, perhaps, but then the owners must know a lot of wildly creative restaurants have closed in the nine years since Rudys' 2900 opened. $$$ -- expensive. (Last reviewed 10/92.)

Greenhouse Cafe

Greenhouse Cafe, The Gallery, Pratt and Calvert streets, (410) 727-6355. The Greenhouse Cafe is arranged around the escalators at the Gallery with a salad area, a pasta area, a small sandwich area stuck in between, and a bakery where you can get pastries, cappuccino and the like. It's a cafeteria-style arrangement -- you stand in line for the huge salads that are meals in themselves with the focaccia that comes with them. In another line you can get one of five different pastas, tossed with the sauce while you watch. The quality is high and the price is right. Sandwiches are good, too. Finish up with a cookie the size of a dinner plate from the bakery case! $ -- inexpensive. (Last reviewed 9/92.)

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