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SO YOU'RE out of work. You've been...


SO YOU'RE out of work. You've been looking for a job for weeks, months even.

Then, out of the deep blue, you hear about this opening down in Florida.

Florida? Hmmm, could be decent. And the job is part of a special Halloween attraction to be staged later this month in the Dungeon of Terror at the Universal Studios theme park, so you figure that's good for a laugh or two.

But hold on. Just how desperate are you for work?

Because you'd have to be pretty darn hard-up, and/or a tad crazy, to want this job.

Because it entails lying in a coffin and screaming your head off while 100 live rats crawl all over you.

In an interview with The Lakeland Ledger, Universal Studios spokeswoman Gail Fein described the Dungeon of Terror attraction as follows:

"You're walking and it's all dark and all of a sudden the floor below you lights up and there's this woman lying in the coffin with 100 live rodents crawling all over her. Your first reaction if you're like me is 'get me outta here.' "

And that's just from the customer's point of view. Imagine how the poor wretch in the coffin must feel.

Not too surprisingly, the folks at Universal Studios didn't have any takers after first placing newspaper ads for the job. But, Ms. Fein said, "We're really expecting to get a lot of them."

That's entertainment.

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