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The Carroll Transit System's board of directors...


The Carroll Transit System's board of directors has decided to use the next 90 days to assess options that might permit the financially troubled service to continue.

The board met yesterday and decided to keep up operations at least until Jan. 15, 1993, paying current creditors while talking with county and community leaders about ways to cover the cost of continued operations.

Carroll Transit System is under financial stress because of declining revenues. The system, which consists of 17 vans that serve riders of all ages, including many disabled people, runs more than 7,043 trips per year.

"We provide important and significant kinds of transportation," said CTS Director Linda Boyer. "We're not a glorified shopping shuttle. There is a need out there, and I hope we can meet that need."

She said about one-third of the service is to medical offices, about 44 percent to senior centers and about 8 percent to rehabilitation facilities.

The system faces a $73,000 deficit for the year. At yesterday's meeting, Mrs. Boyer presented the board with a list of options she said could reduce the deficit to about $17,000.

Among them:

* Reducing the insurance premium by about $23,000 by switching to coverage sponsored by the county.

* Persuading the county to maintain the CTS vehicles, which could save about $15,000.

* Purchasing new software for scheduling rides, which might save another $18,000.

This week, a grant for $4,600 for an after-school transportation program in Taneytown was approved. The board said the search continues for additional grant money.

Mrs. Boyer said that since she became director 18 months ago, a smoother relationship between her office and the county government has evolved, even though the philosophies differ.

"We're directly accountable to them," she said. "We're looking at this . . . as a business. The county looks at it as providing service. We need the county support to maintain the service we now provide."

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